Things to Do in B.C. and Vancouver Island

Looking for a few things to do while in British Columbia and Vancouver Island? While some enjoy the more adventurous Orca whale watching, many readers would prefer to keep their feet on the ground. . . and dry too!

Whale Watching

We’ve located quite a few cool, unique, and exciting activities you can take part in, once you grow tired of seeing the pristine scenery (is that even possible?) while visiting B.C. Please note that the dates are taken from this year’s calendar (2016) and may vary slightly each year.

Victoria Film Festival

Victoria Film Festival 2016

If you enjoy seeing the talents of local filmmakers and acting talent, you may enjoy this much-celebrated event in the Victoria area. It normally takes place in early February (held this year during the week of February 5-14th) and features a wide variety of talent in the filmmaking arts. Definitely a “must-see. . .” Pun intended!

International Mother Languages Day at RBCM

International Mother Languages Day at RBCM 2016

On February 21, enjoy this annual event that focuses on the Mother Languages of the B.C. area at The Royal British Columbia Museum. Designed to show appreciation for all native languages worldwide, this annual event is a big deal for B.C. citizens, which takes place at the BC Museum each year.

Victoria Beer Week

Victoria Beer Week

On March 4-12th, enjoy the Victoria Beer Week, which celebrates the native BC craft brews and breweries (50+ at press time) that are a part of the rich culture in British Columbia. It also serves to educate people and tourists about some of the histories of B.C. and Victoria while showing people the progress they have made with modern brews. “Beer Thirty” at its finest!

Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival

Things to do in BC ,Vancouver Island, Victoria

The artistic side of B.C. is alive and well, and nowhere can you see this more prevalently showcased than at the  Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival. All types of artistic talent are displayed, including ballet and dance, art, music, drama, and more. The festival is held annually around April 7- May 14th (almost a month-long), and features some of the most amazing creative talents in the area.

Annual Times Colonist 10k Run

2016 Times Colonist 10k Run

If sports gets you running, check out the annual Times Colonist 10k Run. Scheduled for April 24th, this event offers excitement and spectator sports for those who enjoy seeing a good race of endurance and speed. Besides serious competitive runners, this race has even been known to feature some local University of Victoria students dressed in festive attire.

Victoria Cheese and Meat Festival

2016 Victoria Cheese and Meat Festival

If you like cheese and meat-tasting and good culinary competition, check out this special event, held on May 21. Current ticket pricing shows $55.00 Canadian Dollars per day. One note of caution is that this event has been known to sell out fast. Count the staff at Skycap News™ in for this tasty treat!

Swiftsure International Yacht Race

If a good yacht race floats your boat, on May 26-May 30, you may enjoy the Swiftsure International Yacht Race. For those of you unfamiliar with this prestigious event, we have included a brief video from the 2015 Swiftsure International Yacht Race. Featuring some of the best yachtsmen in British Columbia and the world, this event is sure to keep your attention. Part of this appeal is the fact that the winners’ names are submitted to The Royal Victoria Yacht Club executive at the end of the race, where winners get their names included in members’ annual as well. So it is a race for fame, of sorts, and the participants compete with great determination each year.

When traveling to beautiful British Columbia, don’t forget that it’s full of more than just gorgeous, breathtaking high-rising mountains and streams, coastal views, and rain forests. These are certainly wondrous, but don’t forget to take in these cultural events as well while there, to get the most well-rounded experience of beautiful B.C.

Safe Travels Everyone and Have a Great Weekend!

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