5 Tips to Keep You Organized While on Vacation

OK, so in this blog, we are going to be sharing some tips on how to stay organized while on vacation. You got to be crazy! How do I stay organized while on vacation? I have a hard enough time staying organized at home. Believe me, I totally understand what you mean and I’m currently in the process of reorganizing my entire home office and other places so that I will be more organized at home. Many of our regular readers will recall our “how-to” budget tips several weeks ago but, how do you stay organized while on vacation?

5 Tips to Keep You Organized While on Vacation

We have compiled a list of 5 things you can do to make sure that you keep losses to a minimum, save valuable time and money, and enjoy your vacation without having to wade through a constant pile of clutter and chaos!

  1. Put things back in the suitcase after you get done using them. This may seem simple and academic but it works! Let’s face it: a lot of clutter happens in the hotel room when you scatter things all over the vanity, in the bathroom, and on the floor and every which way in your hurry to enjoy your vacation. Just like at home, get in some habits where you take the time to put the items back in the suitcase that you brought them in. This will save you a lot of time and headaches later on.
  2. Have a separate place for dirty and clean laundry. You don’t want your dirty laundry to be mixed up with your clean laundry obviously. So have a separate piece of luggage and plastic bag of some sort (the staff at Skycap News likes Ziploc) that you brought from home that you can put the dirty laundry in. Also don’t try to do laundry every day while on vacation. After all, you came on vacation to relax and enjoy life. The last thing you want to do is to feel like you’re still at home doing laundry and menial tasks that you always do anyway. So pick a time to do laundry and do it all at once so that you should only be doing this about twice in a week.
  3. Take a few minutes a day to clean up your hotel room and your car. Don’t leave this all to the maids. Keep your room tidy and your car as well. When you travel, your car is one of the most cluttered things you own, so take a few minutes to throw away junk that you acquired going through various and sundry Drive Thru restaurants on the way.
  4. About all the shopping bags you acquire with all of your goodies are taking home: this can become a problem when you do a lot of shopping on trips as we all usually do! Bags and boxes can pile up until it looks like you are selling things yourself while traveling across the country! Use the back part of the trunk of your car or travel containers that you brought along for loot, and consider carefully before purchasing extremely large items while on vacation. I remember one vacation I took with my parents when my mother bought a very large doll and I literally felt like I was riding home with another person all the way! I’m glad my mom got the doll but it was a strange feeling. So consider where you will store things and if you have the room to take them home while you were shopping on vacation.
  5. Organize as you go. Just take a few minutes to tidy up. It really is that simple. Think of how you do it home when you start to see things are piling up and clean up along the way. Then you won’t have such a huge mess to organize before you pack to go back home.

We hope these simple travel tips will help you in organizing your next vacation. It really just takes a few minutes to put things back in order, but it will be a big headache if you let it go too long. So think neat and clean up the clutter while traveling. . . you’ll be glad you did!

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