Best 10 Travel Size Dish Soap In 2024: Top Picks for Clean Dishes on the Go

When packing for a trip, it’s important to consider the clothes and personal items you’ll bring and the essentials that facilitate a smooth and comfortable experience. Travel size dish soap is an often-overlooked necessity, especially for travelers who prefer self-catering accommodations, camping, or long-term stays with access to kitchen facilities. These compact dish soap bottles are designed for convenience—small enough to fit in any luggage or backpack, they are perfect for those on the move who still wish to uphold cleanliness and hygiene.

The effectiveness of travel size dish soap lies in its concentrated formula. Despite their small size, these miniature bottles pack the same punch as their full-size counterparts, ensuring that even the toughest grease and stains can be tackled on the go. Due to their reduced volume, they’re also TSA-friendly, making them suitable for air travel. It’s an ingenious solution to maintaining the balance between staying light on one’s feet and being prepared for dishwashing.

When choosing travel size dish soap, the key factors to consider include the ingredients, biodegradability, especially if you’ll be outdoors, and the container’s durability to prevent leaks. It’s essential to look for a soap that’s tough on dirt yet gentle on hands, and if environmental concerns are a priority, opt for a brand that offers eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients.

The Skycap News team has assessed a variety of travel size dish soaps, focusing on these critical aspects to ensure you can make an informed decision with ease. After extensive research and real-world testing, we’ve identified the travel size dish soaps that excel in performance, reliability, and environmental friendliness, allowing you to maintain clean kitchenware wherever your travels take you.

Top Travel-Size Dish Soaps

Travel Size Dish Soap

When packing for a trip, bringing along a travel-size dish soap can be a game-changer for maintaining cleanliness, whether cleaning a coffee mug during a hotel stay or washing utensils on a camping trip. We have scrutinized various options and compiled a list of top-notch travel-size dish soaps that are compact, convenient, and effective at cutting through grease and food residue. Join us as we uncover the best products designed to make your travel dishwashing easy and efficient.

Dapple Travel Size Dish Soap

Dapple Bottle and Dish Soap

In our travels, we’ve found Dapple’s travel size dish soap to be a game-changer for on-the-go cleanliness.


  • Specially formulated to tackle tough residue
  • Plant-based, hypoallergenic, and rinses clean
  • Conveniently sized for travel


  • Limited quantity in each bottle
  • It may require a bit more scrubbing for heavy soils
  • The fragrance-free option may not appeal to all

Taking the chore out of washing dishes on the road, we’ve discovered Dapple truly delivers. Its targeted formula efficiently breaks down the stubborn protein and carbohydrate residues the little ones leave behind. We’ve confidently cleaned everything from baby bottles to our own travel mugs, marveling at the spot-free results.

The peace of mind from using something gentle yet effective cannot be overstated. It’s tough on dirt but kind on our skin and the environment. The compact bottles fit snugly into any diaper bag or luggage, freeing up space for other essentials.

When facing those tough messes from a day out, we notice that it might take a bit more elbow grease compared to our standard kitchen fare. And while we appreciate the unscented nature for sensitive noses, sometimes a light fragrance can make the task more enjoyable. Nevertheless, for quick trips and easy packing, it’s hard to beat this dish soap’s convenience.

Babyganics On-the-Go

Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap

With its gentle yet effective plant-based formula, we find Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap perfect for cleaning up after our little one, especially during travels.


  • Swiftly cuts through milk residue and food particles
  • Designed with sensitive skin in mind – no irritants or dyes
  • Compact and leak-proof, ideal for on-the-go use


  • It can leave hands feeling dry
  • The fragrance-free formula may not appeal to all
  • Premium price point compared to regular dish soaps

When we were traveling last week, the compact size of Babyganics Dish & Bottle Soap really came in handy for quick bottle washes between sightseeing. Its pump dispenser effortlessly produced a cleansing foam that tackled the gunk without requiring rigorous scrubbing.

The notion that we’re using a product without harsh chemicals is reassuring, particularly when washing items our baby uses daily. Its skin-friendly ingredients meant we could clean without worrying about potential reactions.

However, some noticed that frequent use could be harsh on our hands, leaving them slightly dry. The absence of fragrance, albeit a deliberate choice for baby safety, might dissuade those accustomed to a fresh scent from their cleaning products. Despite these considerations, we see it as a staple in our travel kit for its practicality and peace of mind.

Dreft Travel Size

Dreft Bottle & Dish Soap

Every traveling parent should have Dreft Travel Size Dish Soap on hand for its convenient size and efficacy in cleaning all your baby’s feeding essentials.


  • Effectively removes milk residue and odors
  • Made with 90% plant-based ingredients, ensuring safety for baby
  • Dermatologist tested and free from harsh chemicals


  • Less sudsy compared to conventional soaps may require more product usage
  • The fragrance-free formula may not appeal to those preferring a scented cleaner
  • Limited to 3 ounces per bottle for travel, multiple purchases may be needed for longer trips

When we tried out the Dreft Travel Size Dish Soap, its compact size immediately made it a must-have in our diaper bag. Carrying it around was a breeze, and it passed the airport security check without fuss. During our trips, we found it incredibly useful for on-the-spot cleaning of pacifiers and sippy cups.

We appreciated how gentle this soap was on our hands. After washing several baby bottles and utensils, we noticed no skin irritation, thanks to its plant-based formula. It was reassuring to know that we were using a soap that is dermatologist-tested and safe for our baby’s sensitive skin.

While we did have to use a bit more of the soap to get the desired foaminess, the cleaning power was not compromised. Bottles and nipples were left without any milk film, and we didn’t detect any lingering odors after rinsing. The fragrance-free aspect is an undeniable plus for keeping our baby’s feeding items smelling natural.

Overall, Dreft Travel Size Dish Soap delivered a cleaning experience that made us feel good about what we were using on our baby’s products. The commitment to safety and the environment sealed the deal for us, as we strive to use more sustainable and non-toxic products in our daily lives.

Seventh Gen Dish Spray

Seventh Generation Foaming Dish Spray

We find the Seventh Generation Foaming Dish Spray a breeze for quick clean-ups and a smart pick for eco-conscious travels.


  • Eco-friendly with 100% biodegradable ingredients
  • High grease-fighting power without heavy scrubbing
  • Convenient and refreshing Mandarin Orange scent


  • May require more product for tougher messes
  • Scent can be strong if you prefer unscented products
  • Initially more expensive than traditional dish soap options

Having just packed this dish spray on a weekend camping trip, we were impressed by its grease-busting abilities. At the campsite, clean-up time was cut down significantly, as we simply sprayed our dishes, gave them a quick wipe, and they were ready to rinse. The satisfaction of knowing we were using a biodegradable product that wouldn’t harm the environment added to the positive experience.

The Mandarin Orange scent was aromatic and added a fresh feel to our outdoor kitchen. After coming back from a hike, using this spray made the after-meal clean-up almost enjoyable. It’s a nifty addition to our travel kit, especially since a little goes a long way, making it last longer than we expected.

We did notice for those baked-on messes, it took a bit more product and elbow grease than anticipated. While the natural ingredients are gentler on our skin and the environment, it doesn’t seem to pack the same punch as more chemical-laden options for the really tough stuff. However, for everyday use and typical travel dishes, it’s proven to be absolutely adequate.

The initial cost might be a point to consider for budget-conscious travelers. Despite this, we feel the benefits, like its effectiveness and environmental friendliness, justify the investment, particularly for those of us wanting to tread lightly on the Earth while still enjoying the convenience of a sprayable dish soap.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear

Seventh Generation Dish Soap

As travel enthusiasts who are also keen on eco-friendly products, we believe the Seventh Generation Free & Clear dish soap is a reliable companion for your dishes on the go.


  • Exceptional at cutting through grease without harsh chemicals
  • Skin-friendly, making dishwashing gentle on sensitive hands
  • The environmental impact is minimal, thanks to its biodegradable formula


  • Might require more product for heavily soiled items
  • An unscented nature might not appeal to those who prefer a light fragrance
  • Sudsing is less compared to conventional dish soaps

We’ve found that this dish soap handles the rigors of travel effectively. Its compact size fits snugly in any bag, ensuring you’re prepared to tackle dishes regardless of your adventures.

Its plant-based formula infuses a sense of responsibility towards the environment in our travels. Washing dishes becomes less of a chore, knowing that our hands are spared from any harshness typically associated with other soaps.

Lastly, we appreciate the commitment to our health and the planet’s well-being. The absence of dyes, phosphates, and synthetic fragrances in the Seventh Generation dish soap aligns with our ethos, making it an integral part of our travel kit.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle & Dish Soap

Dr. Brown's Soap

We recommend this soap for its gentle yet effective cleaning power, especially for baby items.


  • Safe for baby items and family dishes alike
  • Eco-friendly with plant-derived ingredients
  • Rinses clean without leaving residue


  • Only available in 16 oz size
  • It could be pricier than traditional soaps
  • Unscented, which might not appeal to all

Throughout our kitchen trials, this soap has never failed to impress us. Its efficacy on bottles and sippy cups is second to none, swiftly tackling the milk residue and lingering odors that are the bane of parents everywhere. The plant-based formula gives us peace of mind, knowing that what we’re using is safe for the entire family and environmentally responsible.

Switching between breast pump parts and our regular dishes, we observed that this versatile soap easily handles all tasks. There’s no compromise on the cleanliness; dishes come out spotless and odor-free. It’s reassuring to find a fragrance-free option that’s both hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin, features which are of prime importance in a household with little ones.

Lastly, the convenience of this soap cannot be overstated. The 16 oz size is perfect for travel, fitting neatly into our journey bag without taking up too much space. Although we sometimes wish for a larger bottle to avoid frequent restocking, we appreciate the uncomplicated rinse that leaves no filmy residue—just the sparkle of cleanliness.

Grove Co. Ultimate Dish Refills

Grove Co. Ultimate Dish Soap

We believe these dish soap refills are necessary for anyone seeking an effective, planet-friendly dish-cleaning solution.


  • Eco-friendly packaging reduces plastic waste
  • The Lavender Blossom & Thyme scent is refreshing and calming
  • High efficacy on grease and stuck-on food


  • Metal bottles may pour less precisely than plastic
  • Some may prefer other fragrances over lavender
  • The cost might be higher than conventional dish soaps

Having just refilled our dispenser with Grove Co.’s Ultimate Dish Soap, we’re impressed by the product’s ability to tackle heavy grease easily. Not only does it make quick work of dirty dishes, but it also leaves a pleasing aroma of lavender and thyme in its wake, transforming a chore into a more enjoyable experience.

We’re particularly fond of the thoughtful packaging. The aluminum and recyclable Kraft paper contribute meaningfully to our goal of minimizing plastic waste. Although getting the perfect amount of soap with this new container can sometimes be tricky, we’ve found it to be a small trade-off for the significant environmental benefit.

Lastly, we’ve taken note of the natural ingredient list, which provides peace of mind about what we’re putting on our dishes—and into the water system. While the price point is slightly above some mainstream brands, the quality and environmental considerations justify the cost for us. Remember, when choosing Grove Co., we’re not just cleaning dishes but supporting a healthier planet.

Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Dish Soap

Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Dish Soap

If you’re looking for a dish soap that’s gentle on the hands yet tough on grease, we highly recommend the Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli dish soap for its effective cleaning power and delectable scent.


  • Effortlessly tackles tough grease
  • Infuses the senses with a luxurious scent
  • Formulated with natural ingredients for gentle hand care


  • Premium price point compared to regular detergents
  • The smell may be strong for those who prefer unscented products
  • Not as widely available as mainstream brands

Having just done a pile of dishes, Caldrea’s dish soap is a game-changer. The Sea Salt Neroli fragrance transported us to a coastal getaway, making the chore far less mundane. Its suds cut right through the grease, leaving every dish sparkling without any residue.

We noticed how gentle it was on our hands. After multiple washes, our skin didn’t feel dry or irritated, which we owe to the aloe vera in the formula. This was massively appreciated, as we often suffer from dryness after using harsher soaps.

Our kitchen is clean and filled with the fresh, invigorating scent of verbena and juniper, which lingered pleasantly long after the chores. It gave us that high-end feel of a well-pampered home. This impactful sensory experience definitely justifies the price for us.

Considering its eco-friendly formula and the fact that it’s made here in the USA, we feel good about our choice. We love it when our everyday items align with our values, supporting us in making responsible decisions for our home and the planet.

Coleman Soap Sheets

Coleman Camp Soap Sheets

After testing the Coleman Soap Sheets, we highly recommend them for anyone needing effective and convenient cleaning on the go.


  • Environmental awareness with biodegradable sheets
  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for travel
  • Performs well with both hot and cold water


  • Sheets can stick together, potentially wasting product
  • The container may be hard to open with wet hands
  • Limited quantity, need to restock frequently for longer trips

On our latest outdoor adventure, we had the opportunity to try out the Coleman Soap Sheets. These little lifesavers come in an ultra-compact dispenser that slips right into any pocket or corner of a backpack. They’re especially handy when space is at a premium.

Pulling a sheet out requires dry hands, but once you’ve got one, just a bit of water turns it into a generous lather, perfect for washing dinner dishes or our hands after setting up camp. The versatility impressed us, cleaning effectively even when the mountain stream ran colder than expected.

However, the sheets tended to stick together, which sometimes meant we had more soap than necessary. This wasn’t ideal when we needed to conserve resources in the backcountry. Also, the compact container, while a brilliant space-saver, was a bit slippery to open with damp hands.

These slight hitches aside, for short weekend getaways or as a backup in the glove box, we can’t praise the Coleman Soap Sheets enough. They’ve certainly earned their spot in our outdoor gear.

Dawn Travel Dish Soap

Dawn Ultra Dish Soap Dishwashing Liquid Original

With its powerful grease-fighting abilities, this compact dish soap is ideal for on-the-go cleaning.


  • Significant grease-cutting power in each drop
  • Concentrated formula lasts longer than expected
  • Pleasant original scent


  • Smaller than standard bottles, it is easy to underestimate the quantity
  • It may seem less economical due to travel-size pricing
  • It is a bit thick, which can make quick rinsing a challenge

On our last camping trip, we packed this Dawn travel-size dish soap. Its formidable grease-cutting capabilities saved us time and water when dealing with grimy camp cookware. We could do a surprisingly large stack of dirty dishes with just a tiny blob of the liquid, evidence of its concentrated formula.

The pleasant original scent of Dawn made dishwashing less of a chore and more of a refreshing duty. However, we soon realized the bottles were tinier than we initially thought. It’s easy to overestimate how long they’ll last, especially if you’re used to regular-sized ones.

Despite its size, pricing seemed a bit steep for a travel version, though it’s understandable given its effectiveness. Also, sometimes, we noticed that because the formula is quite thick, a bit more water was necessary to rinse away suds thoroughly. This was a slight inconvenience, especially when water sources were limited on our trips.

Overall, our journey proved this soap’s worth — a small and mighty ally against stubborn grease, making the inconvenience of doing dishes in the great outdoors significantly more manageable.

Buying Guide

Importance of Size and Portability

When selecting travel size dish soap, we prioritize portability. Look for bottles that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less to comply with TSA guidelines for carry-on luggage.

  • Size: 3.4 ounces or less
  • Portability: Easy to carry and store

Eco-Friendliness and Ingredients

We consider the environmental impact of our dish soap. Opting for biodegradable formulas with natural ingredients is beneficial for the places we visit.

  • Eco-Friendly: Proven biodegradable
  • Ingredients: Natural components preferred

Effectiveness and Concentration

A highly concentrated soap means we need less product, which is perfect for travel. Verify its effectiveness on various types of dishware.

  • Concentration: High
  • Effectiveness: Strong cleaning power

Packaging Durability

The dish soap container must be leak-proof and robust enough to withstand the pressure changes during flights and the rigors of travel.

  • Durability: Leak-proof and pressure-resistant


We often choose a dish soap with a pleasant, mild scent, avoiding strong fragrances that might linger on dishware or attract wildlife during outdoor adventures.

  • Scent: Mild and not overpowering
Size3.4 ounces or less
Eco-FriendlyBiodegradable, natural
ConcentrationHigh; less product required
DurabilityLeak-proof, pressure-resistant
ScentMild, pleasant

We consider these features to ensure that the dish soap we select meets our travel needs while also considering the environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries about travel-sized dish soaps, focusing on eco-friendliness, effectiveness, comparisons between types, and considerations for bulk purchases.

What are the best options for environmentally friendly mini dish soaps?

We recommend seeking travel-sized dish soaps that are biodegradable, phosphate-free, and packaged in recyclable or compostable containers. Brands like Seventh Generation and Ecover offer products that meet these criteria.

How do I choose the most effective travel-sized dish soap?

Consider a dish soap’s concentration and ingredients. A higher concentration means using less soap for the same cleaning power. Look for soaps with plant-derived ingredients, as they often perform well and are gentler on your hands.

Can travel dish soap sheets be used as effectively as liquid dish soaps?

Yes, soap sheets can be just as effective. They dissolve quickly in water and are convenient for travel due to their lightweight and spill-proof nature. Ensure they are used with enough water for optimal cleaning.

What should I consider when buying bulk travel-size dish soaps for a large group or event?

Check the quantity and packaging to ensure it meets the group’s needs and minimizes waste. Opt for soaps with a compact design to save space and seek out bulk discounts from retailers or direct purchases from manufacturers.

How can I make my own travel-size dish soap to reduce waste?

Refill reusable mini bottles with your preferred dish soap from a larger container. This approach helps reduce plastic waste and allows for the customization of soap concentration based on your cleaning needs.

Are there any notable differences in cleaning power between name-brand and generic travel-sized dish soaps?

While name brands often advertise superior cleaning power, many generic soaps perform comparably. The key is to pay attention to the ingredient list and user reviews to assess their cleaning efficacy.