Setting up a Camping Vacation You Actually Enjoy

Most vacations involve hotels and pristine accommodations that usually involve spending a lot of money. But if top hotel accommodations are not your goal and you want to experience a more outdoor experience, consider a camping vacation. Many people do this every year in either their own camper or mobile camping unit, or they pitch tents out in the woods where they can really experience the great outdoors.

Camping Vacation Travel Tips

Granted, it is important to know the territory and you should have some general camping and survival skills if you go on a camping vacation. Some are really good at this, while others are lacking in camping skills. Some people are camping “wannabes” and pack up their tents and other gear with the full intention of enjoying the big outdoors, only to find themselves returning to town in the middle of the night to the nearest Kroger, where they can buy their favorite creamer for their lattes. This is not really roughing it!

But you can do it however you want, as long as the experience is an enjoyable one for you. No one is there judging as the “God of Camping” deciding whether or not you passed the qualifications for “Camping 101.” If you are a beginning camper, you will want to make sure you take lots of equipment to help you deal with unexpected events, such as weather challenges, lack of supplies, or other issues that often arise when camping out.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible and camp fairly close to others when possible, in case you do run into some problem while enjoying the great outdoor environment. Take plenty of food and water, in case you run out sooner than you think. Bring plenty of changes of clothes, and pack an emergency “First Aid” and care kit if needed. You never know what type of situation you may run into, so you have to be prepared for any contingency.

Watch the weather and be aware of changing climate. Take an NOAA weather radio to keep track of the weather trends, so you are not caught unaware if the weather takes a change for the worst. Also, be aware of your environment at all times, and watch the behavior of people (and animals) that might wander onto your area uninvited. Some inexperienced campers have accidentally run into a bear or other animal when it got too close to their camping site. This can be a dangerous situation so be keenly aware of your surroundings.

One way to get into the camping scene on vacation is to focus on a particular area such as Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas and learn how to set up camp in that area. Then you will be more skilled the next time you decide to take a camping vacation. With time, you can become skilled as a camper and extend your skills to other camping sites all over the country.

Setting Up Camp Hacks

Some people enjoy camping “across the country” by traveling in their camper to various camping sites across the country, enjoying every experience as they go. It’s a challenge, but it’s a great way to see the countryside and you can potentially save lots of money on vacation too!

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