Time Management for Vacations

When you go on vacation, it’s easy to forget about time management. After all, you’re on vacation, right? You don’t feel like you should be under a clock or worry about how you spend your time. But let’s face it: Time does get away–even when you’re on vacation!

Managing Your Time on Vacation

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Time management is important on vacation to make sure you make the most of your time. The best solution in managing your time on vacation is to divide your time between fun time, rest time, and free time.

Here are some tips to allocate your time while on vacation:

  1. Plan the essential activities that you want to do and make them the focus. For example, if you’re in London and you want to see Big Ben and the downtown London scene, make sure that time is blocked out to where it is the highlight of your trip. Then schedule everything else around that. In other words, make it a priority.
  2. Plan some rest time. Vacations are supposed to be for resting. So plan some time to just relax and enjoy doing nothing. Lying on the beach and watching the waves go by, reading a book you’ve been putting off for months because you were too busy to read it, and sitting in a pub enjoying a good Irish ale are all examples of rest time. If you need even more travel advice on “chilling out,” please refer to our well received article entitled, 5 Restful Things to Do While on Vacation. 
  3. Free time should also be scheduled and it should include time to do whatever you want outside of your normal tourist ventures. Perhaps taking in a shop that you noticed on your way into town but thought you wouldn’t have time for, visiting the local museum, or just talking to a friend online could qualify for free time. Some people like to take pictures or videos of the area in their free time as well. Do whatever you want that makes you happy during this time. If your significant other enjoys the same activities, take them with you.
  4. Visit your local tourism office to see if they have any other recommendations on how to best spend your time while visiting. They can often save you a lot of time in deciding what to do next, save you money, help to avoid the hassles while on vacation, and make your trip more enjoyable by sharing with you what they know.
  5. Plan your day with a roughly-defined “Things To Do List for Vacation Planners.” I say “roughly defined” because you don’t want to pin yourself down to a precise list while on vacation. That makes it too much like a work day! Instead, just put down the key sites you want to see or places you want to go as your primary activity, then work everything else around that.

Big Ben Clock Keeping Track of Time

The staff at Skycap News™ trusts this time management list of travel tips will help you get the most of your vacation time. It’s up to you how you plan it, but time can get away without at least some planning. Most of all, have fun! That’s what vacations are for! So enjoy your trip!

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