Obvious but Important Tips for Beach Lovers

Spring is here and summer is upon us. What better way to celebrate the onset of the summer season than a day (or a week) at the beach? Basking in the heat of the summer sun can be fun and the waves inviting, but before you launch out, consider the following travel tips to keep you both safe and having fun when you visit your favorite beach destination.

Tips for Beach Lovers

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  1. Take plenty of sunscreen. It’s no old wive’s tale. Too much sun ages you, gives you a higher risk of skin cancer, and a host of other things that are neither healthy or wise. So make sure you cover your arms, legs, and all other exposes parts with a good sunblock. Remember tanning lotion is not enough. It needs to have the correct level of sunblock recommended by doctors. Ask your local pharmacist what would give you the best coverage for the sun’s burning rays.
  2. Wear a hat. While many travelers shy from wearing hats at the beach, this is the single most important way to protect yourself from the heat of the sun. Since heat is most concentrated on your head, it also makes you get hotter faster when your head is exposed. So cover your head to protect yourself from overheating while on the beach.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Liquids keep you from overheating and help you to perspire, which is your body’s way of coping with the heat. It also keeps your vital organs functioning at their peak, while protecting your body from heat exhaustion. Even when you think you are not overheated, it’s possible you could be. So keep water handy at all times while traveling to the beach.
  4. Watch out for ocean predators and rip tides. “Jaws” is not just a figment of the imagination. There really are shark attacks every year on the coasts of many vacation spots, including Florida, Virginia, and Australia, to name a few. But there is something  you can do to lower your risk of encountering one of these intimidating fishies while in the water. Watch for fins. Okay, that one is obvious! But also, don’t go out too deep and stay away from “fishy areas” where there might be a school of fish the sharks are feeding on. They just might take a piece of your leg with them. Finally, listening and watch for daily beach reports. Most well-travelled beaches have daily postings of predator dangers, including pest like sharks, jellyfish, and even rip tides. So stay alert.
  5. Watch out for your belongings. Have someone keep an eye on your belongings, especially important things such as your handbag, wallet, and other valuables while swimming. In especially crowded locales (sometimes very organized) thieves on the beach look for opportunities when swimmers are in the water are away from their belongings and beach umbrellas to snatch up some quick loot.

Safe Surf and Sun Summary

By practicing these simple tried and fast rules, you can protect yourself from the burning rays of the sun, keep cool on a hot summer day, and stay safe from ocean predators and landline burglars while having fun. It’s always good to take someone with you when you go to the beach, to help you be on the lookout for strange or nefarious passersby, whether they have fins or feet!

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