Great Vacation Spots for Seniors: Part II

Great Vacation Spots for Seniors: Part II

Great Vacation Spots for Seniors

In our previous post, we talked about some great places for seniors to visit. Branson, Missouri, The Grand Canyon, and Destin, Florida were three hot spots for older citizens that we picked, for the slower pace, the dining and shows, and other reasons that seniors might enjoy those locations.

Here are 3 more locations we found that older citizens would enjoy and they were chosen by as some of the best vacation spots for seniors who would like to travel on a limited budget:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Believe it or not, Las Vegas, in all its glory, was chosen as one of the best hot spots that you can go to on a budget! It’s a bit of a paradox, but due to the large number of travelers who enjoy Vegas each year, the rates at many of the hotels, restaurants, and attractions are relatively low. One such location for accommodations is the Desert Rose Hotel Resort. It’s located only a short 1.5 miles from the Las Vegas strip and features golfing, dining, and all of the amenities of the upscale alternatives. The Fountains of Bellagio is a popular attraction among younger and older citizens alike, and features a spectacular water show with dazzling fountains and lights atop one of the most prestigious buildings in downtown Vegas. Other highlights are available too which offer a dazzling performance and adventure, on a reasonable budget.

Washington DC

Another surprising location that is friendly to one’s wallet is Washington, DC. Many people enjoy seeing the sites of the nation’s capitol each year, and the area is particularly of interest to senior citizens who wish to keep their vacation expenditures down. Many of the popular attractions in Washington DC such as memorials and government buildings do not even charge admission! You can save a lot of money seeing these historic and significant sites while traveling in DC. The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, and The Pentagon, are just 3 of the many sites you can take free tours with when visiting the nation’s capitol. For more information on Washington tours, visit:

Philadelphia, PA

The “city of brotherly love” is also known for its economically-friendly options. It is located close to many of the local museums and attractions and features nearby hotels that have many offerings at reasonable rates for older citizens. Don’t forget that seniors often get a discount also, so this adds to the savings. One tip though: Parking is sometimes difficult to find in Philadelphia due to the large numbers of people, so you may want to plan to take a city shuttle or bus instead when touring the city.

These are three more ideas for senior citizens who plan to travel. Of course, all of these areas are very friendly for others too and who doesn’t want to save money while on vacation! So don’t sell the family estate yet! You can go on a great vacation destination without breaking the bank, no matter what age you are!

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