Tips in Finding Great and Mysterious Spots to Vacation

We’ve talked a lot in the previous posts about some interesting and mysterious locations to go to if you want to ghost hunt, be surrounded by strange and enigmatic environments, or take a tour through a historic mansion. But just how do you find these unique and exciting sites? We have provided a few tips for researching such places yourself if you would like to make a list of destinations that specialize in the truly bizarre.

Mysterious Spots to Vacation

Tips in Finding Great and Mysterious Spots to Vacation

Ghost Tours and Haunted House Travel Tips:

  1. Use the right search terms. If you search for ghost tours, you will get a large number of ghost tours from all sorts of places across the U.S. and maybe even some in other countries. Ghost tours are a big business and people travel for miles to go on one of these highly-intriguing places every year. Terms such as “hunting for ghosts,” “mysterious vacations” and other similar keywords are also good to use when doing your search.
  2. Look at the reviews of the hotels in the area of your destination. By reading the hotel reviews in the area, you will likely also get a good picture of  the area attractions as well, including local haunts, ghostly tours, and other exciting adventures. Hotels themselves often have a wealth of information on what you can discover in a specific area, so if you want to know where to start, start with hotel sites. When it comes to booking though, remember that many hotels now use third-party booking services, so it may be difficult to speak directly with the hotel. You can find the number if you research it, if you wish to speak with them directly and are not making a reservation.
  3. Ask friends. If you know someone who has taken an interesting trip that featured one of these types of tours, you can get their opinion about it before you go. Remember that everyone will have a slightly different experience, though, so take the advice of a friend, but remember your experience may be better (or worse) than their, depending on the specific vacation you have in mind.
  4. Go through travel agencies and online review sites. Some people like to entrust their vacation-planning to a capable travel agent. There are plenty around, so just look for an agency that specializes in the kind of vacation you wish to go on. Online sites such as Trip Advisor often feature specific reviews of such tours on their website.
  5. Let the spirit guide you. Some people like to be more spontaneous than these ideas, so they just decide to take a “road trip” to wherever the spirit leads them. They may do some preliminary research to get things started, but they feel the fun is in discovery. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s wise to plan regarding where you will stay, what accommodations are nearby, and other things before you go, just to be safe.

Mystifying Travel Destinations Conclusion

If ghost tours, legendary gold mining towns, and strange haunts are your thing, start with a search for these unique vacations, and keep returning to our site, of course, for more travel information on some of the most fascinating, interesting vacations spots in the entire world….from ghastly tours to alien abductions, we’ve got it all…of course, we don’t really believe in disappearing aliens or strange encounters, do we? Why do some believe that I could just be writing these words and suddenly disappear into nowhere! Can you believe that anyone could be so……

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