Kashmir: The Land of Fruits and Beautiful Landscape

Situated in the pristine location in the North of Pakistan, Kashmir is the land that has encapsulated mesmerizing, scenic sights for people to come and enjoy as well as produce premium food crops such as fruits. Kashmir is the valley that is home to lush green meadows and forests along with majestic mountain peaks encircling the region. Kashmir is home to cottages and rivers that will steal hearts left and right. If your desire is to visit a magical landscape on Earth, then Kashmir must be on your travel destination shortlist!

Beautiful PICTURE OF landscape of Kashmir

Neelum Valley

Stunning Lush Green Neelum Valley, Kashmir the land of fruits
Stunning lush green Neelum Valley in the heart of Kashmir, Pakistan

Kashmir is home to many other valleys that are present in the area. The Neelum Valley is one of those stunning regions that attract thousands of tourists annually. Is it any wonder that this region is the one that one “must take” photographs in the world? Stretching up to 144km, the bow-shaped valley waves the tourists a warm welcome as they visit the land of Kashmir. From the Valley, it is possible to see the Himalayas stand tall. There is less urban landscape but instead, there are many rural regions that add to the beauty of Kashmir. For example small villages with cottages and mud houses, to the suburbs that host a great deal of the population.

Neelum Valley is also referred to as the heart of Kashmir because of the scenic beauty it offers. To facilitate the tourists that visit the valley, Authmuqam is located right in the middle of the Neelum Valley. Just distanced at 10km away from Kundal Shahi, the Authmuqam has all available amenities for people to enjoy. Tourists usually embark on their journey from this point onwards towards the adventure that awaits them in Kashmir. Trout are readily available in the vacation season – grab your rod and go fishing!

For those who have the love of hiking, just a mere 63 km from the Valley, Kel is another valley or a spot that is referred to as a base camp for the mountaineers that are set to leave for the Sarvali Peak in the region. Right after Kel, we reach Arang Kel that then has a lot of hiking and trekking activities. Through these activities not only is nature explored but scenic wonders in the region are also adored.


Banjosa Lake located in the city of Rawalakot landscape of kashmir
Banjosa Lake is located in the city of Rawalakot in Poonch District of Azad Kashmir

Rawlakot is not just a city in Kashmir but is one of the finest wonders present in the region. Located just in the Pir Panjal range, Rawalakot is one attraction and spot that tourists must not miss out on. Rawalakot also has Toli Peer, which is a lush and dense green plateau that provides a landscape and a clear view of the scenic heights and peaks in the region. The rivers in the entirety of Kashmir are a sight to behold but the Poonch River is one magnificent river that one can picture as perfect.

Some manmade attributes are also present in Kashmir such as the Banjosa Lake – this is one of the most popular destinations that are visited by tourists. Moving forward, how can Kashmir not have waterfalls? Well, it does! The Nergola Waterfall, located on the outskirts of Rawlakot, is one fine destination to visit. The waterfall will require visitors to walk for at least 15 minutes because the road track cannot facilitate cars. Fish out the trout and sit back and enjoy!

Pir Chinasi

Road To Heaven On Earth Pir Chinasi the landscape of Kashmir
The Road To Heaven On Earth Pir Chinasi, Azad Kashmir

Pir Chinasi is a mountain path that has an altitude mounting up to 2850 meters. This mountain path is not for the faint-hearted as it will require a lot of trekking and walking as well. There are multiple villages located in the region, allowing tourists to peek into the lives of the locals. Sit back on a jeep and get ready to experience a bumpy ride to Pir Chinasi!

Leepa Valley

Beautiful Rice Field View In Leepak Valley, kashmir beautiful landscape
Beautiful rice field view in the lush green Leepa Valley, Kashmir, Pakistan

Kashmir has its unique agricultural blessings. In Kashmir, the Leepa Valley is known for the cultivation and growth of rice, cherries, apricots, apples, and other dry fruits and nuts including walnut. One of the finest fruit in the entire world is extracted from here. The valley is a sight to never miss or forget in spring and autumn, providing a view so dreamy to those who are lucky enough to see. The valley is highly difficult to access during the cold winter months which is why it is preferred the visitors only visit during the warmer months. You will be sure to take home a box of each fruit!

Delicacies of Kashmir

Kashmiri Modur Pulao the dishes of Kashmir
Kashmiri Modur Pulao is made of rice cooked with sugar, saffron, and dry fruits

Kashmir has its own sweet and savory delicacies present. The land of Kashmir has the finest cuisines, a total mix of Pakistani Cuisine, and many others such as Chinese. The food in Kashmir is very diverse but the key foundation is very simple; flavorful, spicy, and succulent food. It is ultimately difficult to cultivate vegetables in an environment so cold, so meats are the preference for main food items. Beef and mutton are used in most dishes and are cooked with rice, such as Modur Pulao.

Kashmir Tourism Footnote

As with most travel destinations, there are pros and cons to consider. As beautiful as Kashmir is as a region, it must be noted that political unrest is a reason to exercise caution when planning your trip. Kashmir is ethnically diverse and conflict has been a way of life as Pakistan and India have disputed this fascinating land for over seventy (70) years. It is always recommended to heed official governmental updates. In addition, it is imperative to work with reputable tourism authorities. Travel safe, and travel smart are always important travel tips to follow. Stick to this strategy and you will be rewarded with an adventure few can claim to have experienced in person.