Pearl Islands are a Hidden Gem!

This Skycap News™ travel update takes us southward to a hidden travel gem. Well, it’s actually more of a “pearl” of an island. Panama is the southernmost country within Central America and offers a plethora of unique travel experiences. Originally inhabited by Incas, The Pearl Islands are without question one of our favorite destinations in the world!

Pearl Islands Paradise

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San Jose Island is situated on the south end of the archipelago and forty-five miles away from Panama City. It may be reached by boat in approximately two hours and by turbo-prop in twenty minutes. The staff at Haciendo del Mar will gladly manage all reservations for air travel to and from the isle. A little-known fact is that Earl S. Tupper, the founder of the “Tupperware” empire owned the island after World War II.  In fact, the airport still pays tribute to his former ownership of the island.

Hacienda del Mar Pearl Islands Resort

Upon arriving at Haciendo del Mar, one is greeted by an attentive and friendly staff. For the adult beverage lover out there, I fondly recall some of the coldest beer on the planet! The clubhouse of Hacienda Del Mar is constructed seventy-five feet above the Pacific Ocean upon a regal point with scenic ocean and beach views at every turn. Haciendo del Mar offers a full-service restaurant incorporating local tropical fruits that allow for amazing breakfasts, lunches, dinners. . .  and cocktails.

Pearl Island Resort

Lest we forget, Haciendo del Mar offers some of the absolute best seafood in the world. Truth be told, the crab, fish, and lobster are caught daily in the pristine waters located off the island. The views from “Three Monks” are some of the most spectacular in the world. Without question! Take a dip in the infinity pool and one can almost (visually at least) touch the breathtaking rock formations found half a mile as the toucan flies from the resort. As an added bonus, humpback whales can be spotted periodically throughout the year.

Pearl Islands Hacienda del Mar

The resort consists of seventeen cabanas, each with its own private balcony that offers panoramic views of the ocean. Each stylish cabana is constructed with the finest Panamanian “Cana Blanca” with windows allowing full entry “to and from” the magnificently constructed balcony. Open the louvered windows and one is quick to indulge their senses with the light and flowery scented of the ocean breezes. Hacienda del Mar’s unique and spacious accommodations blend island charm and contemporary comfort. . .  and all just steps from white sand beaches.

Tourism News

Located within the Clubhouse is a full sports bar equipped with a pool table and DirecTV. The spring-fed swimming pool just steps away, overlooks the Pacific Ocean with truly astonishing views. Poolside amenities include lounge chairs and hammocks. For the active individual, there is a fully-equipped fitness center located on the property. . .  now, enough about the gym, where is that cold beer, and the beach?! 😉

Post II to follow. . .

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