Panama: Canal and So Much More!

Now, that we’ve departed the amazing Pearl Islands we are on our way back to Panama City. It’s difficult to think of any other destination on earth which has such all-encompassing adventure and tourists interests close by. When you arrive, you’ll find that Panamanians are some of the most friendly folks on earth. An added bonus is that the majority of the population speaks at least a small amount of English if not fluently. Panamanians comprehend American culture, recognize and love foreigners since Panama has been an international crossroads for decades.

Panama Canal


If you are in the market for tourism deals, Panama delivers once again. Usually, the sort of pure natural beauty Panama offers has a significant price tag affixed. Panama has initiated a concerted effort to promote itself as a worldwide tourist destination, its costs much less are a number of the finest in the exotic journey. Panama has many options for both the extreme hardcore thrill seek to the more timid nature lover.

Panama’s rivers provide the country with rave reviews by respected international outdoor sports experts. Want to ride twenty (20) sets of rapids in a single day? Panama delivers! Trekking canyoning, rappelling, river, rafting, and kayaking are outstanding bird-watching opportunities.

Didn’t we miss another outdoor tourist destination?  How can one forget the Panama Canal? The canal has to be seen to be believed to truly appreciate the sacrifice made to construct this man-made wonder that forever changed worldwide commerce and transportation.  Plan on spending an entire day or more if you really want to absorb all the beauty and history the Panama Canal provides.

Within Panama City, hotels from all major worldwide chains and star classifications are readily available.  Meals and transportation can run the gamut from very reasonable to more extravagant and pricey.  For those with an appetite for the “finer things,” Panamanians stand ready to accommodate.  You will not be disappointed in Panama!

Now, is the perfect time to practice your Spanish, by enjoying this candid, in-depth, and “behind the scenes” Panama travel video: