One Skillet Totchilada

Forget rolling, forget the carbs — let’s do enchiladas as a one pan, one-skillet meal that’s topped with cauliflower tots. This was the first post-Thanksgiving dinner that did not involve turkey leftovers. Like so many of you, (or at least I hope so) I’m still stuffed from the weekend. But unlike many of you that know when to stop, I don’t. If it tastes good, I’m eating until my […]

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10 Peculiar Museums You Must See To Believe

10 Peculiar Museums You Must See To Believe   For every Louvre showcasing the artwork of masters, there is a museum displaying every type of toilet imaginable. Most museums around the world are about art, history, and culture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit museums so bizarre that they just might shock you! Here are 10 peculiar museums you have to see to believe. Featured image credit: […]

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Each Of These Little Known Photos From History Have A Bizarre Story Behind Them

A photo can capture much more than what”s put in front of the lens. In one moment and one limited frame, an entire piece of history can shine through. These 30 incredible shots capture times past, but have cultural impacts that resonate even today. They are chilling, quotidian, and inspiring. They speak to our collective past. 1. Navajo medicine man, ca. 1904 This man”s items were integral to his […]

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Family Vacation Destinations Worth the Money

Family Vacation Destinations Worth the Money Hopefully, you’ve read our previous article about Arranging for Kids when on Vacation and left the kids at home (this time) while enjoying at least 5 Restful Things to Do While on Vacation. Now, it’s time to prepare a Things To Do List for Vacation Planners and involve the entire family. When it comes to preparing a holiday getaway it can be difficult (perhaps, that’s an understatement) to […]

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