Pizza Cottage Slices the Best Pizza in Lancaster, Ohio

Best Pizza in Lancaster Ohio

The Skycap News team had the opportunity to visit our amazing new web designer in Lancaster, OH recently. As many of our regular readers know, we always appreciate the opportunity to support local businesses during our travels, etc. This trip to Central Ohio enabled the opportunity to try out Pizza Cottage.

Pizza in Lancaster

Founded in 1972 by Jack and Yvonne Gorham in Carroll, Ohio, Pizza Cottage has grown from a small converted hot dog stand into a six (6) restaurant local chain. Our experience took us to their Lancaster location which opened in 2007. We were met by friendly wait staff who had no idea we would be writing about their pizza and/or service.

Whole Hog Pizza Best in Lancaster

After much contemplation, the group decided on the Whole Hog Pizza offering meat aplenty and the BLT… yes, BLT Pizza! Before the pizza arrived, we took the liberty of ordering some adult beverages including Yuengling on tap. For those beer drinkers who have not had the opportunity to partake in this amazing product, please do so whenever the opportunity presents itself!

Pizza Cottage Whole Hog

The first Whole Hog Pizza arrived and I immediately thought of Donatos (chain pizza) based on appearance. However, the first bite proved me wrong taste-wise! All I can say is that the Whole Hog Pizza is a carnivore’s dream. This ain’t no skimpy topping mass-marketed pizza for sure! There was a minor glitch (quickly corrected) that saw the BLT Pizza arriving several minutes later which actually worked out well space-wise on the table.

BLT Pizza Cottage lancaster ohio pizza

The BLT Pizza was savory and really anything with bacon has to be good, right?! The pizza found its home between two cracker crusts that were a real treat to the taste buds. Highly recommended for those not wishing to order the same old mundane pepperoni. While not normally a fan of cold pizza, I must confess, this pizza might be even better cold. For those of you who like to mix your pizza up with some wings, Pizza Cottage has you covered, or naked if that’s your preference!

Best Wings in Lancaster Ohio

For pizza (and wing) lovers anywhere in the Ohio area, Pizza Cottage offers a nice change of pace from the national chains. The pizza is fairly priced given the quality of toppings and stellar service provided. Everyone at Skycap News applauds entrepreneurs and sincerely appreciates supporting the local businesses during our travels. For friendly service and quality menu offerings, give Pizza Cottage a try!

Pizza Cottage Best Pizza in Lancaster