Ghosts Stay Free at The Fort Garry Hotel

A cherished landmark in the center of downtown Winnipeg, The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa, and Conference Centre is a modern blend of Old World elegance and contemporary style. One of Canada’s grand railway resorts, the Fort Garry Hotel is designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

The hotel was constructed in 1913 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. A symbol of the value as a transportation hub, this iconic hotel located only one block from Union Station in Winnipeg is among the city’s most identifiable landmarks. This storied hotel has defined the Winnipeg skyline for more than 100 years.

The Hotel Fort Garry History

Fort Garry Hotel

At first, the resort was to be called The Selkirk. but was eventually named after Upper Fort Garry, which stood at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. The hotel was built at a strategic location on Broadway, between Garry and Fort Roads. The purpose was to provide a luxury resort for railway travelers. It was the first commercial building to be erected on Broadway as well as the first hotel to be constructed there.

The Fort Garry Hotel Lobby

The resort is broadly considered the finest example of chateau-style architecture. As first seen in the brilliant railway resorts built before 1930 across Canada in the city. In fact, architects MacFarlane and Ross of Montreal modeled their initial plans after Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier for the hotel.

The Fort Garry Hotel Palm Lounge

The Fort Garry Hotel has welcomed a long list of distinguished guests. Sports fans will recognize the guest list consisting of Jack Dempsey, hockey greats Lester Pearson, and Gordie Howe. Famous actors such as Harry Belafonte, Nelson Eddy, Charles Laughton, Lawrence Olivier as well. Even famed musicians Liberace, Arthur Fiedler, and Louis Armstrong spent the night. Perhaps, the most famous hotel guests were King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. They stayed at the resort during their famed 1939 visit to Canada.

The resort, originally owned by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Ownership then transferred to the Canadian National Railway. Next, in 1979, the hotel was purchased by the John Draper Perrin family of Winnipeg. The Perrin family managed it as an independent resort until 1987. It was subsequently owned for a few years by an organization controlled by Quebec hotelier Raymond Malenfant.

Pamper Yourself During Your Stay

Fort Garry Hotel Ten Spa

Now, following extensive renovations, The Fort Garry has renewed its name for quality and service, re-establishing its place among the grand resorts in Canada. The Fort Garry truly offers an ambiance that covers the historic to modern and does it well. To many in the ‘Peg, The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre is more than an elegant hotel. It is a vibrant, enduring piece of Winnipeg history and architectural image.

Downtown Winnipeg

The Fort Garry Hotel is handily located on the most attractive downtown avenue in Winnipeg. This planned location provides easy access to shopping, arts, entertainment, major sports sites, as well as the financial and historic districts. Downtown Winnipeg plays host to festivals and numerous events throughout the year and boasts one of the most vibrant cultural landscapes in Canada.

The Fort Garry Hotel Haunted

The Fort Garry Hotel Room 202

Any review on this impressive property would garner an incomplete grade for not mentioning that The Fort Garry is haunted. Yes, haunted! In accordance with local folklore, the resort is haunted. More specifically room 202. A distraught wife apparently committed suicide after learning of the passing of her husband in an automobile accident. Overcome with despair, she hanged herself in the closet of room 202.  If you are in search of a ghost, room 202 is for you! While some guests seek out the “supernatural,” this writer has stayed in rooms 400, 503, and 410 with nary a ghost sighting.

Fort Garry Hotel Suite room 202

The staff at The Fort Garry is as impressive as the architecture. Of special note, Natalie makes even a first-time visitor feel like a long-time guest. The front desk and bell staff are more than happy to offer “local knowledge” and were extremely confident with their dining recommendations. Carbone, The Don Restaurant, Johnny G’s, The Pint, Toad in the Hole Pub, and especially V.J.’s Drive Inn did not disappoint!

Fort Garry Hotel Lobby

The Fort Garry Hotel Conclusion

Round-the-clock amenities including biscotti cookies, coffee, tea, and world-class spa treatments happily coexist within this iconic century-old architectural gem. Glamorous public spaces are the norm and high-tech. Some of the fastest in-room internet service we have encountered this year. Even the most claustrophobic should feel at ease with guest rooms ceilings soaring 10-foot tall. In closing, should you find yourself searching for mysterious spots to vacation, you owe it to yourself to skip the usual reward point chain hotels. Try something haunted, historic, and unique in Winnipeg, Manitoba. . . The Fort Garry Hotel.


How old is the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg?

Fort Garry Hotel was originally built in 1913. In the 1960’s, the building was renovated and turned into the historical hotel it is today. The Fort Garry Hotel was named after the Old Fort Garry on the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg. The Old Fort Garry was built in 1831 and it was used to house fur traders and European settlers. Fort Garry Hotel is the oldest operating hotel in Winnipeg and it is listed on the National Historic Sites of Canada.

How many floors is the Fort Garry Hotel?

This building is currently the tallest building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  The Canadian engineering firm, Rossetti Associates, designed the building. It has 10 floors.

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