Must See Places in Puglia | A Majestic Sight Of Italy

Puglia has everything an Italophile desires. Ancient towns full of history, villages teeming with charm, natural landscapes, olive groves, olive-green bays, food to rival any continental European cuisine, and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. What else does a tourist want?

Peninsula Puglia is situated in the easternmost part of Italy. It is surrounded by both; the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, which is the country’s longest coastline. That is why the Salento peninsula, one of the southernmost portions of Italy, is a high heel on the country’s “boot.”

Furthermore, Southern Italy has many beautiful types of scenery, such as whitewashed hill towns and olive groves. The area is situated between the Daunian Mountains and the Apennines in the northern Apennines. Its highest point is Monte Cornacchia (Daunian Mountains). Best time to visit Puglia is from July to August.

What are the reasons for visiting Puglia, Italy?


Puglia is known to many as the region that forms the heel of Italy’s “boot.” However, the area holds historical significance for its whitewashed hill towns, centuries-old farmland, and hundreds of miles of Mediterranean Sea coastline.

Yet it is perhaps beyond the city limits of Puglia that the region shines. As well as Lecce, the Itria Valley has UNESCO-listed Trulli houses and the baroque city of Lecce. Thousands of tourists visit Puglia yearly due to its magnificent coast and seawater. Moreover, Puglia is the land of unparalleled charm and beauty. Puglia has many exciting attractions like:

The Poetry Cave (Lecce) offers a natural pool where you can swim,
The nighttime view of Lecce’s Cathedral,
Explore “White City” (Ostuni),
On a road trip, you can see the Gargano coast in Foggia,
Discover the canyons at Terra Delle Gravine Natural Park in Taranto,
Explore Gallipoli (Lecce’s Old Town),
From Lecce comes the Baroque.

Adding to our discussion, Puglia is worth visiting for several other reasons. Let’s look at some additional attractive features Puglia holds!

Things to Do in Puglia and Must See Places in Puglia

Italian Cuisine – Need We Say More?

Italy’s Apulia region is known as the heart of Apulia cuisine. During the middle ages, the nobility gradually ceased to reside in the region, leading to losing its noble cuisine. The cuisine of a society plagued by poverty consists primarily of foods that were cheap and easy to get. Pasta, bread, and vegetables dominate the diet. The region consumes fruit, fish, and wine often as well. Yet, meat is relatively infrequent.

Puglia food

There is a misconception that Apulia’s cuisine is of poor quality. However, rather than describing its quality, this refers to its simplicity. More importantly, the simplicity of their offerings allows their seasonal and local ingredients to shine. Hence, it will be a wonderful experience to enjoy boat tours on the Adriatic, visit local wineries, and learn about the regional recipes.

The Majestic Nature

The Puglia is another example of breathtaking beauty, with fresh and pure air, steep mountains and stunning scenery, lush green grass that grows on roofs, cozy villages, fjords, crystal clear water, and colorful houses.

Puglia The Amazing Castel

Ancient olive groves surround its beautiful whitewashed towns. In addition, it is an exceptional place to visit due to its tasty food, great wines, and hospitable locals.

The Amazing Castel

Puglia The Amazing Castel

Castle del Monte sits on a hilltop in southern Italy, a striking geometric formation with an inhumanly exact octagonal shape. Mysterious and gorgeous, it is a Unesco World Heritage Site. In addition to the absence of nearby towns and strategic crossroads, no arrow slits, moats, or trapdoors to throw boiling oil onto enemies, no one knows why Frederick II built it.

Summer Hiking

Puglia is a beautiful place where you can breathe clean air and relax in tranquility. Not only will you see stunning landscapes, but you will also discover some interesting and historically exciting sights along the way.

Puglia The Amazing C

The Dolomites are the places you have probably explored during your hiking adventures in Italy. You can enjoy the flowers of Pralongià and never imagine that just a few kilometers away is the Sella group’s lunar, arid, hostile Mesules plateau. That’s the reason Val Badia is so unique!


Puglia is one of the richest archaeological sites in Italy. Throughout the territory are evidence of ancient peoples, whose traces are visible in the numerous monuments that dot the landscape; it is also a land of cuisine rich in tradition, where biological agriculture is thriving. We’ve discussed some of the top and exciting reasons to visit this great nation here, but there’s plenty more that will draw you to this breathtaking country.