The Faroe Islands | Fjords Worth Seeing

The Faroe Islands are a self-governing archipelago in the Kingdom of Denmark. They are a collection of 18 volcanic islands located between Iceland and Norway. Famous for fjords, the islands are interconnected by ferries and only have a single runway at VĂ¡gar Airport to welcome international tourists. For most, visiting the Faroe Islands can best be described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Faroe Islands’ population has risen dramatically in recent years, reaching a high of 51,000 residents in the most recent census. The island’s population has declined for decades as younger generations moved away to pursue job opportunities and higher education. But, as it turns out, the islands’ residents have broken this trend, and the population is now back at an all-time high. Another interesting fact is that the human population is less than the sheep present, estimated at 70,000.


Location and Map of Faroe Islands

As we plan to visit, the first question that comes into mind is the location of the destination. So, where exactly are the Faroe Islands? Despite being part of Demark politically, this stunningly beautiful and sustainable nation is located between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Culture Of Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands inhabitants are Scandinavian and the descendants of Viking settlers who settled here in the ninth century. The national language, Faroese, is the primary language of the people. It is based on Old Norse and is a dialect of Norwegian. English is also widely spoken.

Why should you visit the Faroe Islands?

Why should you visit the Faroe Islands?

Tourism in the Faroe Islands is increasing at a high rate since the group of rugged islands is a refreshing treat to your soul. They have all the right reasons to plan a trip to the nation and are worth visiting. How? Before packing your bags, you must see what this alluring archipelago holds for you. Keep reading to discover the main reasons to visit the Faroe Islands.

Peerless Natural Beauty

Faroe Islands grass roof

The Faroe Islands are just another version of breathtaking beauty, having fresh and pure air, steep mountains in thrilling landscapes, green grass that grows even on the roofs, cozy villages, a multitude of bird species, fjords, crystal clear water, colorful houses, and much more. The striking scenes of the volcanic islands are far enough to add the destination to your travel list.

The Tasty Cuisine

Faroe Islands are known for the best seafood products

Being crisscrossed by the Gulf Stream, the Faroe Islands are known for the best seafood products worldwide. Don’t be surprised to see dried cod hanging outside on a typical grass-roof house. On the other hand, lambs remain a significant part of traditional cuisine and daily life. Since the bold chefs in the nation always try new ways to refine their traditional seafood and lambs cuisine, you can find extraordinary and innovative culinary experiences to excite your taste buds.

The Sailing Voyage

Peerless Natural Beauty of Faroe Island

While exploring the Faroe Islands, the sailing voyage remains the best way since several spots, including Vestmanna bird cliffs, cannot reach the other ways. The Faroes are home to dramatic sea cliffs and swirling mists you can only explore through a sailing voyage. The Slaettaratindur cliffs are the tallest sea cliffs in Europe, being 882 meters high. Also, many islands and sounds provide shelter to the Atlantic Ocean swell.

A Variety of Birds

A Variety of Birds in Faroe Islands

You might have seen many adorable creatures on earth, but puffins are the most insanely adorable bird found on the planet. A small island Mykines located in the Westernmost part of the archipelago, is the best place to witness these cute puffins. The precipitous cliffs and the rugged terrain of this island attract thousands of puffins to breed during summers. Not only puffins but a mix of other birds, including guillemots, gannets, and some marine species, can be seen on this island. Almost 300 species of birds have already been recorded in the Faroe Islands. Moreover, new species are added to the national registry every year.

Amazing Hiking Trails

Amazing Hiking Trails in Faroe Island

The beautiful landscapes of the Faroe Islands will allow you to breathe the clean air and enjoy the tranquility. Not only the beautiful landscapes, but you will discover various historical and exciting places along the trail. Boathouses, stone houses, sheep sheds, old fences, and a few French ruins are some spots you will witness while hiking through the trails in the Faroe Islands. It may be difficult for some tourists to reach the top of a mountain. Even so, climbing one on a sunny day will make you forget any fatigue.


The Faroe Islands are one of the most stunning spots in the world that will stand out from all other travel destinations on your list. Some of the most important reasons to visit this awe-inspiring nation have been discussed in this blog. However, plenty of other reasons will attract you to this breathtaking beauty. So, pack your bags now and explore the most charming archipelago in the world.