5 Great Oregon Travel Destinations

One state we haven’t talked about yet is the state of Oregon. Located just below another popular state (Washington), Oregon holds a lot of interesting stuff that is definitely worth checking out. While most people are familiar (or at least have heard of Portland), we always try and give our loyal readers at Skycap News a broader view of what this magnificent world provides travel-wise. With that said, we’ve located 5 of the topmost interesting sites that should definitely be on your “TO SEE” list when traveling in Oregon.

5 Great Oregon Travel Destinations

Great Oregon Travel Destinations

Crater Lake National Park


Crater Lake National Park heads our list of “must-sees” in Oregon, due to its intensely blue and deep waters. The circular shape of the lake is also notable. It is the site of a now-extinct volcano, Mount Mazama which formed the lake. Rim Drive encircles the lake in a clockwise direction and the rim goes on for a distance of 33 miles. Do note, however, that you can only get to the roadway encircling the area in the warmer weather months.

Cannon Beach

Another interesting attraction in Southwestern Oregon is known as Cannon Beach. It features a wide stretch of jagged coastal rocks and sand, which serve as a backdrop for the famous Hay Stack Rock. Hay Stack Rock is considered one of the tallest monoliths in the entire world. A closeby resort town named Seaside is a great secondary place to visit that is nearby and is located close to beaches and surf. Astoria is also worth spending some time in, as it is said to be the location of the famous Lewis and Clark National  Historic Park. You can also visit Fort Stevens while in the area, a military post that now serves as a state park that boasts a lot of wartime history from the Civil War to WWII.

Bend, Oregon

As its name would imply, Bend, Oregon is located in the middle of the state of Oregon and is home to such historic locations as Newberry National Volcanic Monument, the Mount Bachelor Ski Area, and Smith Rock. All of these locations are known for something regarding classic mountain-climbing events and rafting trips, as well as informative displays about the regions in the northwest. Bend, Oregon is also home to the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, which takes you through the Deschutes National Forest. This area offers some of the most stereotypical and picturesque western views the U.S. has to offer.

Mount Hood

Mount Hood is one of the largest mountains in the United States and the highest mountain in the state of Oregon. With peaks rising to over 11,000 feet, it is ready for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and scenic outlooks, which many travelers enjoy taking advantage of every year. There are plenty of waterfalls and hot springs, as well as a diversity of activities to take part in here.

The Oregon Coast Trail

Our final location you’ll want to explore in Oregon is the Oregon Coast Trail. Featuring wide oceanic views and sandy beaches, this is a great route to take for hikers and sight-seers that run along US Hwy. 101. You’ll find easy access at many locations along this trail and its steeps in natural scenery and interesting formations.

Oregon Travel Destinations Recap

As you can see, Oregon is a state with a lot to offer. No matter what your taste or preferences, you’ll find great views, hiking trails, and outstanding vistas in the state of Oregon. To find out more about Oregon high points of interest, visit: http://oregonchamber.org

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