Fun Things To Do In Bergen, Norway During 2023

The heart of Fjords, Bergen, has built its economy largely on fishing, ship-building, and its repairing and equipment manufacturing industries. Also, it has grown its food processing to a great extent. Its amazing historical places along with museums and galleries make it a unique place to visit.

Have you ever been to this beautiful place? Bergen is an international aquaculture center that has developed a great name for tourism. The mesmerizing beauty of mountains covering Bergen and its rainy climate round the year is waiting for its visitors to remain in their hearts and minds, forever and ever. Before planning your trip, the Skycap News team has taken the liberty of preparing your to-do list to make your Norway vacation full of fun!

4 Fun Things To Do In Bergen

Bergen is full of fun and entertainment. The beauty spot calls on every soulful heart to capture most of it. Want to know how you can make the most of your trip? Stay tuned. This blog will help you explore Bergen yet make your trip memorable!

The Art Museum | Kode

Within the city’s center, four main buildings cover fantastic artwork of famous and renowned personalities. The masterpieces by Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, and J.C Dahl make the entire collection. There at Kode, “The Silver Treasure” has a vast collection of handicrafts and designs from almost about past 500 years from now. You may also get a chance to visit the temporary exhibitions there. If you are visiting Bergen with your family, Kode is a fun learning place for your kids.

Adventurous Top Of Floyen

If you like adventures, Floyen is a must-do while in Bergen. It is a great point to do hiking and mountain biking. Floyen is marked as a soft adventure spot in Bergen.

You will experience a once in lifetime view there. The beautiful mountains covering Bergen along with the Island and fjords is a heartwarming view one can capture. Tourists experience a peaceful atmosphere and capture most of its views.

Apart from all its hillsides, forests, lakes, and trails, this place is a wonderland for children. You can even try their local food. To make it to an end, we can say, visiting Floyen can add many exciting and adventurous snaps to your social media posts!

Strandgaten | Shoppers Ultimate Choice

The busiest shopping street of Bergen, Strandgaten, is also a historical place to visit. It must be noted that this street was completely destroyed during World War II. Unfortunately, the houses of the greats like Edvard Grieg and Ludvig Holberg, where they spent their childhood, are no more.

At Strandgaten, you can find shops ranging from less to even branded ones. You will find almost all of the brands at Strandgaten. A tourist should visit this street for shopping and even explore more about the historical aspects of Bergen. Shopping is undoubtedly much more fun at Strandgaten than at any other place in Bergen!

Shutterbug’s Love | Troldhaugen

Are you a shutterbug? If yes, then this section is for you! Traoldhaugen is a living museum in Bergen. From the historical point of view, it was the house of the great composer Edvard Grieg.

Now an exhibition center with a concert hall, shop, and café, Grieg’s villa that dates back to 1885, and once the composer’s cabin. People there also organize private concerts; the cinema-style setting is perfect for any meeting or conference. It is deemed “shutterbug’s love” because of its charm and luxurious environment.


Bergen is the second-largest, most historic, and one of the most adventurous cities in Norway. Its joyful youth has brought this city to life. With its historical importance, Bergen is a perfect place for tourism. it is a complete package of fun, entertainment, and adventure. Bergen, Norway, is open for all ages, a perfect spot for families. For children, Bergen is fun and learning. It becomes the most thrilling place for youth, and Bergen is peaceful and entertaining for couples and families. To make it to an end, this city welcomes everyone with its delightful places and beautiful weather throughout the year.