10 Vacation Tips for Low Budget Road Trips

If you are looking to plan a trip soon, one matter of consideration is budgeting your trip. You want to be able to do what you want to do within reason while not going beyond the limitations of your budget. What can you do to plan your vacation without going over your budget? Here are ten tips for vacations on a budget that may help you meet your budget as well as your vacation goals.

Low Budget Road Trip Tips

Saving Money on Road Trip Vacation

  1. Look for coupons for hotel reservations.  One of the largest expenses in vacation cost is the price you pay for accommodations. Paying the regular cost of hotel rentals can add up so it’s a good idea to do your research ahead of time. By researching different options for hotel rentals, you will be able to compare prices between hotels as well as find out when their prices might be reduced. Hotel prices fluctuate during the week and at various times so one way to save money on hotel reservations is to find hotel coupons online.
  2. Join a discount or loyalty club.  There are many loyalty clubs and discount clubs that you can join such as Hilton Honors of IHG Rewards which offer occasional discounts on hotel and other types of rentals. You may also find the internal search engine within these programs to be beneficial and time-saving when you are searching for accommodations. You can visit the site above on your desktop computer or download the app to get started.
  3. Reserve during the off season times. Hotels rely on their peak season to make most of their profit. If you book when rates are at the lowest during their lower traffic times, you may save a lot of money. They lower their rates during the times that they have the least number of guests. So do some research to determine what you can do to save the most money by booking outside the largest season.
  4. Collect dining coupons and shopping discounts. There are places you can also go to save money on specific stores, restaurants, and shows. Branson, Missouri is a tourist town that features many different types of entertainment, shopping, and dining experiences. You can find dining or shopping discounts on  many of these activities by doing a search online either on a company’s site or off-site using Google’s search engine.
  5. Plan your trip wisely. Activities, concerts, shopping, and even nature hikes all take some time to plan. If you take the time to consider the cost of each activity, you can successfully budget a fun trip without breaking the bank. Make a list of some of your favorite activities and apply the tips we’ve mentioned to get the best deals.
  6. Choose some non-shopping and premium activities. By choosing outdoor activities that don’t cost you anything such as hiking, bird-watching, or picnicking, you can save a lot of money on the days that you do these things. There are horseback riding adventures, days at the beach where you can just chill out, go swimming, or sightseeing that don’t cost you a thing. By working in some of these non-premium adventures that you want to do, you can save a lot of money for the other days.
  7. Split the cost with friends. If you are traveling with a party of two, three, or more, you could agree to split the cost with other members of your party for activities that cost more such as SeaWorld in Florida, a Branson concert, or amusement park. The more heavily tourist-oriented a location is, the more it costs. So plan ahead and ask your friends or others you’re with to help with the expense. If you are providing the transportation, they should be more than happy to help out in this way.
  8. Set priorities. This is really important when going on a trip of any kind. Making a list of your top five favorite things, for example, is a great way to ensure that you get to do many of the things you want to do without getting hung up with the less important things. There will always be things that you don’t expect such as long lines, traffic, or human error. There might be construction work on the road that you hadn’t planned on or the reservations for your favorite restaurant might be booked up. Plan ahead, call ahead, and list your priorities in the order of importance. This will save you a lot of headaches when you are trying to plan your trip.
  9. Set aside some time to relax. One of the reasons people say they “need a vacation from their vacation” when they return is that they have tried to do too much. Trying to get too many activities in or going from one activity to another can exhaust you. Instead, try to get in perhaps two activities in one day (unless the activity takes the whole day) and set aside the rest of time to just relax and enjoy your stay. Take in the pool or jacuzzi, dine in the hotel rather than fighting the traffic to go out, read a book, and just chill. This will serve to recharge your batteries so that you are ready for the next day’s activities.
  10. Ask for directions or help from the desk. Hotel people are usually more than happy to try to help you with advice during your stay. Ask them where some of the best places are to eat that don’t require a long drive or long wait. See if you can get some insight into what the best things are to do that don’t cost a lot. Another resource for this in tourist town is your tourist centers or visitors’ centers. There are usually plenty of these in any major tourist area. You’ll also find many of them on the road to your destination. These places are designed specifically for helping tourists find what they are looking for and offering suggestions for a fun-filled trip.

Low Budget Road Trip Recap

Vacation Tips for Low Budget Road Trips

A little planning now can save you a lot of money in the long run. So make a list of what you want to do, do your research on the best deals for those activities, and get ready to pack. For more information on this important topic, please refer to How to Pack for a Long Vacation. Stay tuned to skycapnews.com for more travel tips on how to get the most out of your travel plans, save money, and get away from it all!