How to Use Technology to Plan Your Next Trip

Vacation planning is not what it used to be. With online access to trip bookings, amusements parks, and any activities you want to plan, it is easy to make reservations, cancel, rearrange, or schedule dinner reservations with a click of a button. This has made planning and booking a vacation very easy. Some websites also have mobile apps for their place of business, making the whole process even easier.

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But how else can you use technology for best vacation spots planning?

Here are a few ways:

  • Use the Uber app for taxi service. When I go to a distant town and need a quick ride, here’s an excellent idea. I’ve actually written for the Uber company in the past and they have a great system that allows independent drivers to drive their own cars. So don’t expect them to resemble traditional taxis. The best thing about Uber is that you can just hit the app (2 or 3 steps) and your Uber driver will be on his/her way! From my personal experience, it only takes about 2-3 minutes on average. The app is available on both the Android/Google Play and iPhone formats.
  • Check hotel review sites online to make sure you are making the best choice. Most hotels have a rating system that they allow customers to leave reviews with. This adds credibility to their business and allows you, the traveler, to decide which hotel may be right for you.
  • Plan ahead by checking for openings long before your scheduled trip dates. Some destinations require you to book way ahead of time, so it’s wise to plan ahead. Using a 3rd-party application to help you to find out quickly what’s available among your favorite hotel chains, as well as reserve, cancel, and save money with points when you stay in your favorite locations. For additional information, please refer to our well-received article; “How to Find the Best Hotel Deals When Planning Your Next Trip.”
  • OpenTable is a great site that allows you to book restaurant reservations free and instantly, no matter where you are. Book while you’re still at home, to ensure that your favorite restaurant will be available on the nights you need it. You may also download the app to make the whole experience automated and mobile.
  • RetailMeNot is another mobile application that allows you to plan ahead, by showing you the best retail deals in your area, no matter where you are. This app also shows you local restaurants, as well as retail stores. This is an excellent way to plan your shopping list while you enjoy your trip!
  • Destinations on Google. A relatively new app that is designed for travelers to Spot a Winning Vacation Destination and plan the perfect vacation getaway.

One of the best things about using technology is that it will save you time and money during your vacation! It most definitely can save you money if you carefully compare and utilize services like Choice Hotels and restaurant planning apps, etc. to plan and schedule your vacation. Start with a search for your favorite vacation destinations on our site, of course at Then use your mobile tablet and phone to find even more deals on your vacation. Happy travels!

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