How to Prepare Your Car for Travel

Once you’ve made the decision to take to the highway, it is of utmost importance to prepare your car for travel. One of the worst vacation nightmares someone can experience is to have a car break down in the middle of a trip. I’ve had it happen as many of you probably have, also and you know it’s no fun. You have to spend countless hours finding a mechanic that you can trust away from home. Then nervously waiting for repairs, having to make arrangements for any guests who are with you, and so forth. This topic is so important for all those who prefer to travel via a road trip. In fact, we penned a recent story, “How to Keep Your Car in Top Shape for Traveling.”

Prepare Your Car for Travel Tips

Prepare Your Car for Travel

So what can you do to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you?

  1. Check your car out before you leave. Even if you had the oil changed recently, have a mechanic you trust in your hometown check it out before plan to go. Then you can feel more confident that it will be dependable on the trip.
  2. Use your mobile apps and online sources to locate mechanic locations in your vacation destination area. Just in case you need it. This will save a lot of time and trouble later on. Especially should you discover a problem with your vehicle while on your trip. See our previous article on tech tools for vacations for more information.
  3. Take some emergency tools with you. Even if you don’t expect vehicle problems, you should always take an emergency kit with you in case of emergencies. Think of the time of year it is when you go, and prepare accordingly. During the Winter, for example, you should pack blankets, extra clothes, flashlights, and boots, in case you have to walk or stay in your car in the event of a breakdown. During the spring or summer months, prepare for hot weather that could be dangerous if you are exposed too long. Plenty of extra water, snacks, and a First Aid kit may be the order of the day here.
  4. Keep your communications working. Thi is perhaps the most important of all, especially while Traveling Alone. Let’s face it: In the event of a travel emergency, the single most important thing you can have with you is dependable communications, so that you can call for help. So this means you need to take ample battery power (portable) for your phones, as well as the proper USB cables and other peripherals you need to charge them. Having a USB charger in your car is not enough. If your car goes down, you will not be able to use it!
  5. Check the tires. I had a tire blow out once on a trip, luckily, just before I entered the downtown area right beside 3 tire shops. But, unless you expect that to happen every time, you need to prepare by having your tires checked before you ship out. Remember the extra 30 minutes you spend prior to leaving may save you hours of travel time and money later “down the road!”

Prepare Your Car For Travel Recap

Well, there you have it!  A few more travel tips from the Skycap News™ team. We try to take care of our readers, even when you’re away because we want you to come back in one piece. We truly value our readership and look forward to providing even more of our entertaining blogs about travel! Please don’t forget to bookmark us!

Remember: “Expect the best. But plan for the worst.

Life is a play. We’re unrehearsed.”

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