Why should you visit Tuvalu? A PARADISE Island to Visit in 2023

Islands have always evoked a sense of isolated intrigue and exotic beauty. Experiencing island life is a dream for many travelers. If you have not heard the name Tuvalu, it is no surprise. Because Tuvalu is the least visited country in the world and rests in the west-central part of the Pacific ocean. It was formerly known as Ellice Islands and consists of nine tiny coral islands lying in a chain over a distance of almost 420 miles.

Why should you visit Tuvalu?

Although very few tourists have set foot on Tuvalu, this paradisiacal archipelago is worth visiting and spending a vacation. If you are looking for some convincing reasons to add Tuvalu to your travel list, keep reading. By the end of this article, you will be hard-pressed to resist adding this beautiful place to your bucket list travel itinerary. There are many desirable qualities that make Tuvalu islands a must-see tourist destination. That said, we will discuss a few of the most important factors that should be more than enough to make up your mind to fly there. So, let’s get started.

Peaceful and Uncrowded Environment

Tuvalu beaches oceans

Tuvalu is among the most remote and the fourth smallest nation worldwide. This country is a perfect place to rejuvenate and soak in all the Polynesian subregion has to offer. As per the last census conducted by the United Nations 2020, the Tuvalu population is not more than 11,792. Given its isolated geographical location in the Pacific Ocean, with a land area of just 26 km2, this archipelago is not visible on most maps with the naked eye. But the peaceful environment you get on the micro island is worth finding it with a magnifying glass, halfway between Hawaii and Australia.

The Funafuti Conservation Area

Tuvalu Beaches

The greatest attraction in Tuvalu travel is Funafuti. The marine and terrestrial biodiversity conservation area was established in 1999. The Funafuti conservation area consists of 33 Sq. Km. of channels, lagoons, reefs, and the ocean. Not just an atoll, but Funafuti being the capital of Tuvalu, is the country’s economic center where you can dive or snorkel. Moreover, the beautiful seabed with fantastic colors and marine life in the Funafuti conservation area cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The hospitality of the locals

Hospitality of Tuvalu locals

Tuvalu has just a single airport in its capital. So, instead of Tuvalu flights, you will have to avail the company of the locals who are more than happy to take you to explore their small country. Although the Tuvalu population is quite low, the locals welcome tourists with open arms and leave them joyful with their everlasting impression of hospitality and cordiality. Tuvalu people also have great taste in crafts, music, sports, and food. You will enjoy the Fatale music with traditional dance in multicolored skirts and flowers. The Women’s Craft Center grabs ladies’ attention with its unique accessories handmade from different island materials.

The Visa Policy

Tuvalu runway

Are you worried about the Tuvalu entry requirements due to its unpopularity among tourists? Well, no need to worry about that. At present, you do not need a visa for Tuvalu travel. This means you will just have to purchase your roundtrip Tuvalu flight. That said, upon arrival in the tiny country, you will find one minor challenge. Minimal accommodation options. It is strongly recommended to book accommodations well in advance of your trip.

In fact, you will need to prove you have a place to stay while visiting. The Funafuti Lagoon Hotel and other guest houses with meager prices but comfortable beds are just a few options to spend your holiday enjoying the spectacular views of the lagoon and sunsets. Before planning your trip, we suggest visiting Tuvalu Consular Services for the latest information.

The Food

delicious food of this collection of islands

Among all the fun and exciting things that Tuvalu holds for tourists, how can we forget the delicious food of this collection of islands? The freshly caught grilled fish and barbeques in the Funafuti’s homestays will leave you finger-licking. Despite coconut, shellfish, and fish, the taros, pulaka, turtles, crabs, bananas, pork, and sauces made from coconut milk or curry are the delicacies you will miss when you leave the island.


Among the most beautiful countries across the world, Tuvalu is the country having a lot more to offer than the attention it gets. Being the least visited country in the tourism industry, it is hard to find it on the world map. Nevertheless, once you arrive, you will get to know that the country is worth visiting.