In Search of Ghosts: Virginia Ghost Towns

If you are up for a good ghost hunt, try a trip to the Commonwealth of Virginia. This state is known for its historic ties to the early beginnings of America, as well as its Virginia ghost towns and haunts. There are plenty of interesting places to stay as well, which echo the state’s subliminal obsession with the paranormal.

Touring Virginia Ghost Towns

Try The Carriage House Inn for starters in Lynchburg, Virginia. It’s not just a great place to stay, it’s also the site of a ghost hunt. Afterlife Investigations has conducted paranormal studies of The Carriage House Inn Bed & Breakfast in this location. When you stay here (if you dare)… you get not only an interesting night in a “haunted” inn but a copy of the voice recordings and a transcript of the investigation upon leaving. Editors Note – The Carriage House is now permanently closed.

Ghosts of Fredericksburg

Next, try the Ghosts of Fredericksburg Tour. Fredericksburg is the site of more history, battles, and ghost stories than any other town in the U.S. Guides donned in costumes that reflect this era and mysterious setting conduct 90-minute tours through candlelight walking journeys. Additionally, they tell you stories of ghosts and hauntings that supposedly took place in and around the town.

Williamsburg Ghost Tours

If you still have nerves of steel after the above adventures, try the historic Williamsburg, VA Colonial Ghost Tours. Set in one of the oldest, most historic towns in Virginia, this well-organized and high-tech ghost tour is intriguing, to say the least. On the main site, the owner, dressed in Orson Welles “Shadow” type apparel invites viewers to join them for a scary and haunting ghost tour in Williamsburg. This includes everything from walking tours, guided tours, and nighttime tours to test your nerves! It looks entertaining, to say the least.

Whether you get into the idea of the supernatural or not, Virginia has a lot to offer couples, families, or groups when you’re looking for a great place to visit. They are always happy to have visitors from other states come to visit and will definitely show you a good time. Virginia also definitely has some of the most interesting attractions when it comes to ghost tours and old towns.

Both remind us of the past history of the place, as well as the supernatural possibilities that some find fascinating. Check out more information on a vacation in Virginia at See what you’ve been missing by visiting our friends on the eastern coast. It’s definitely something to put high on your list of coveted vacation spots.

Virginia Ghost Towns Recap

Virginia is the home of many interesting ghost towns and cities that educate about the past, while also serving as a great getaway for kids and adults. Go here to check out a list of the 7 Best Ghost Towns in Virginia. Then plan your Virginia Ghost Towns paranormal adventure. If you’re looking for additional soul-stirring inspiration, don’t forget to check out our article Tips in Finding Great and Mysterious Spots to Vacation.

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” – Orson Welles

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