How to Get Your Car Ready for Vacation

How to Get Your Car Ready for Vacation

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One of the problems with getting ready for a trip or vacation is making sure that your car is in the best possible shape. When you plan to take a trip, it’s important that your car is in the best working order so it is dependable. In addition, you need to check your car insurance to make sure you have the minimum insurance coverage that is required.

In this Skycap News road trip friendly post, we will look at some things you need to do in order to get your car road-ready to be safe and then we will show you what to do to make sure your insurance is updated as well.

Checking Out Your Car’s Condition

  1. When planning a trip, first you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready to take on the challenges of the road. Every area you visit is unique so you need to make sure that you are familiar with the types of situations, road conditions, and other issues that you might come across as you travel. Follow these steps to make sure your vehicle is ready before you take a trip:
  2. Check tires for air pressure and air to no more than the maximum that your tire manufacturer recommends. This is usually around 30-35 lbs. Per tire but make sure and check this on the side of your tires.
  3. Have a local mechanic or tire and lube shop check out your engine, oil, and basic operation. Many service stations will provide complimentary safety checks.  You need to make sure you will be safe on the road.
  4. Listen for any abnormalities regarding the condition of your automobile and take action on anything before it becomes a problem. Preventative maintenance is key and will most always save you money in the long run!
  5. Change your oil when it is close to time as this could roll over by the time you reach your destination. The general standard on when to change oil is to every 2000-3500 miles. The Skycap News ground team highly recommends zMAX Micro-lubricant and endorses this product without hesitation! For more information, please review the video at the conclusion of this article.

Consider the Climate

Weather is also important and it can change without notice so you need to take a weather radio with you as you go. If you are traveling to a location that is known for harsh weather such as snow or ice storms, you should plan accordingly. Take blankets and extra clothing in case you are stranded, and take a weather radio with you when you go. Always be aware of how the weather is affecting your vehicle and be ready to take it to a mechanic if you find the need.

Checking your Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, think about what you might encounter while on your trip and make sure you have enough liability to be in compliance with the state you are visiting. You are responsible for the state insurance laws of the state you are in at the time of an accident. Adding comprehensive insurance to your policy will cover you in the event of theft or damage outside of an accident. It’s important to pay attention to your vehicle before packing for that road trip so that you can get there safe and sound, as return with your vehicle in the same condition as when you left!