Best Destination Antarctica Tips You Will Read This Year

Where else on this planet can ice and snow form attractiveness that’s ever pure, natural yet so intimidating? The prosperity of the enigma of its own wildlife in addition to its own waters the total mass of the continent’s land formations is the definition of intrigue.

Destination Antarctica Travel Tips

Destination Antarctica

Visitors have come to value the “beauty of desolation” and wonder in all that is astonishing about this real-life “Frozen Tundra.” Indeed, for the truly adventurous soul, Antarctica offers a distinguished experience unlike anything ever seen on this great earth.

Getting to Antarctica

It should be noted that US citizens must arrive in Antarctica by an authorized tourism provider. This is usually a cruise ship or boat that will enable numerous sightseeing experiences even before you set eyes on this magnificent continent. While crossing the Drake Passage which is worth the trip in its own right, tourists are afforded the opportunity to get better acquainted with whales and other marine life.

Whale Watching Tourism

While this really isn’t the typical outdoors where one will find more “traditional wildlife,” it is the place to find a large number of penguins (including Gentoo, Adelie, and Chinstrap), rare species of whales as well as a great deal of other marine life. For most, the preferred technique is by Zodiac raft. It’s one of the really anticipated jobs for travelers and is often a portion of the itinerary of each day.

Definitely, on the top of the “bucket list” for any hardcore hiking enthusiast, Antarctica offers many wonderful chances to walk onto ice fields for panoramic vistas. How about trekking to various summits for breathtaking views only seen by a fraction of humanity. One note of caution is that no matter how proficient one is on their continent, it is best to enlist the services of a professional Antarctica guide.

Antarctica boat tour group

There are a few places you play and could kayak in waters that are secure, nearby swims. Many stops at islands, bays, and the various harbors let you kayak along towering cliff sides.

The penguin is of course the typical bird found through the continent, but this special landscape and its surrounding waters are home to Shearwaters, Albatrosses, Petrels, Diving Petrels, Cormorants, Bitterns, and a whole lot more of Animal Planet and Discovery Channel worthy creatures.

Antarctica Geography

An ice sheet that averages a mile covers the continent that is entire. Antarctica is split in two by the Transantarctic Mountains, breaking up it to roughly correspond to the eastern and western hemispheres. The standard landscape view of the continent features high coastal mountains, fjords, and diverse islands and icebergs.

Destination Antarctica Map

Antarctica Climate and People

Population 4,400 (+-). This number changes widely due to each nation’s allotment of personnel for their particular research stations. Spectacular weather events can be seen at any given time; Rings around the sun are just one example. One must be prepared (mentally and physically) as Antarctica offers the absolute coldest climate known to man. 

It’s probably no surprise that there is little, if any, shopping in Antarctica. For the seasoned souvenir hunter, a replica of the official geographic mark is accessible at the South Pole gift shop. However, be forewarned that this might be one of the only places on earth that actually will not take credit cards. Cash is King!

Destination Antarctica Summary

Those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford the Destination Antarctica trip will have found out well in advance just how much this “once in a lifetime” trip will set them back. . . ¬†and that’s well before they make it to the South Pole gift shop and update their Facebook status!