Best BBQ Sauce You Can Buy Now!

One thing the Skycap News™ team likes to do is eat! During our travels, we always look forward to reviewing some of our favorite “local” places to eat. Seldom a chain restaurant for us! We will also try and review some of the local products we discover along the way. . . which, leads us to write about the BEST BBQ Sauce product(s) we have ever tasted!

Best BBQ Sauce Ever

All-Purpose BBQ Sauce and All-Purpose Seasoning

While traveling down historic Route 66, we took the opportunity to stop in several local “Mom & Pop” businesses as well as a grocery store or two. We always try and support local businesses and always ask what the “BEST” local item is at each stop. One company we kept hearing about was Ray Ray’s All-Purpose BBQ Sauce located in Cabool, MO.

Well, the people in the Ozarks definitely know what they are talking about when it comes to BBQ Sauce! As one of our favorite TV Food Network personalities might say, “Ray Ray’s Smokehouse BBQ Sauce is Off the Chain!” Yes, it is that good! What sets this sauce apart is the multi-faceted taste. Sweet, savory herbs with just the right amount of back-end kick. So far the staff has tried this amazing all-purpose sauce on smoked meat, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, and french fries (yes, french fries). And of course, the backyard standby, hamburger.

In checking their Facebook page, we find that Ray Ray’s BBQ is currently expanding its national distribution. Customers of Harris Teeter and Town & Country appear to be the first grocery stores to receive the best bbq sauce to date. We were also pleased to find they have an appetizing website as well. In fact, you can purchase their all-purpose seasoning online as well. For the “Best Bang for the BBQ Buck,” you might want to consider purchasing the Ray Ray’s BBQ Sauce and Seasoning Multi-Pack. It won’t surprise any of the Skycap News™ team when this product becomes a household name. Good Luck Ray Rays BBQ!

Ray Ray's BBQ Sauce and Seasoning

All of this Best BBQ Sauce talk has us hungry enough to consider adding a new Food Category to our travel blog. Stay tuned as we continue to seek out awesome places to eat, drink, and review too!