Non-Seasonal Vacations that Make Sense

In this post, we are going to explore seasonal vacations-that is, choosing to go on vacations at specific times of the year so as to get the most benefit (or savings) out of it. For example, some summer vacation spots that are normally quite pricey immediately go down in price during the winter season, in an effort to gain more visitors.

Non-Seasonal Vacations Explained

Summer Skiing

What is the advantage of taking off-season vacations?

For one thing, you save money. As mentioned above, if you go to summer hot spots such as Destin, FL; (see our previous posts on Florida spots for more info on Destin), you can save serious money. I used to keep a website up exclusively for information on places to stay, rent, and enjoy around Destin. I found from my research that you have to book almost a year in advance to have any hopes of getting your preference on a beach house or condo for the main season there. It is also a bit exorbitant in the price range. It can cost anywhere from $1000 per week to $3000 per week or more, considering the number of rooms you want and how many you have in your party.

But if you book anytime from around September 1 to May 31 (Memorial Day weekend), you can cut that cost in half in most cases and also easily secure your lodging! So there is definitely something to be said for going on a vacation at different times than the majority. So in this case, you might say it’s a non-seasonal vacation but what better time to go to The Sunshine State than when it’s starting to cool down a bit! Also, you can enjoy everything you want to do at your favorite vacation spot without the high costs!

Avoid the Crowds

Avoid the Crowds

Another advantage of going to specific locations at non-traditional times is to avoid crowds. Robert Frost once wrote in his now-classic poem, “The Road Not Taken,” “two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, and it has made all the difference.” How true this is when it comes to planning trips too! If you go to the beach when everyone else is going to the beach, it will be hard to find a sitting room. But if you go in December, you’ll have it all to yourself, well- almost!

Seasonal Attractions Summary

Another great reason to go at non-seasonal times is to catch the culture of an area during specific holidays. In a way, that would be “seasonal,” I suppose. But it’s non-seasonal in that you are going when hardly anyone else does. For example, most people do not go to Colorado During Christmas unless it is for skiing, and try doing that on a budget! But it is one of the best times to go actually, due to all of the hype that goes along with the holidays in this Winter Wonderland. Colorado is famous for its Christmas festivals, shopping, and downtown celebrations. So, if you don’t mind battling the possibility of weather during the cold winter months, plan on taking a trip to Colorado during the Christmas holidays or winter golf in Chicago! It’s definitely something you won’t soon forget!