Get into Hot Water in Banff, Canada

We’ve spent a lot of time telling you about great vacation destinations within the U.S., mostly because that’s where this writer has spent many of her vacations, but we know some would like to venture out further. So this blog is for those who have dreamed of visiting beautiful Canada. We are focusing on Banff today and we will follow up with some other Canadian destinations that you will enjoy after that in the next few blogs.

What is the Appeal of Banff, Canada?

Get into Hot Water in Banff Canada

What is it that draws so many people to Banff, Canada? Perhaps it is their beautiful mountains, pristine views, or snowcapped mountains. Perhaps it is the great expanse of space one sees when they arrive in Canada and the clean air they can breathe. Whatever the reasons, among Canadian destinations, Banff is among the best.

High Altitude Banff

Banff has been the focus of many a travel documentary, due to its picturesque beauty and environment. Banff is a resort town located in the Canadian province of Alberta, within Banff National Park. It is comprised of the Rocky Mountains, which feature famous Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade, 2 prominent high-toppers, in its skyline. The natural vistas are breathtaking, to say the least, and that alone would be reason enough to bring people to its border each year.

Banff is also a quaint little town in its own rites and features a plethora of specialty boutiques, shops, and restaurants all along its thoroughfare. But don’t expect just your average, ordinary shopping experience. Wildlife, including elk and grizzly bears, are also common in the Banff area, so don’t be surprised if you look across the aisle and see one of these creatures close by. Oh, and if you and the grizzly bear are after the same item, I’d let him have it, if I were you!

Banff Gondola: The View from the Top

Banff Gondola

The Banff National Park features many attractions that people love. One of these is Banff Gondola. In this tour, you’ll ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain, where you will cast your eyes on views of 6 different mountain ranges while taking in exhilarating views in every direction from an observation deck. This activity is open year-round and is a favorite of Banff visitors and tourists. Banff Gondola holds many treasures as you enjoy a bird’s eye view from the top of one of the most unique viewing locations in Canada.

Upper Hot Springs

Get into Hot Water in Banff Canada

If you want to get in ‘hot water’ while on vacation, now’s your chance! The Canadian Rockies Upper Hot Springs features steamy, hot, therapeutic waters surrounded by breathtaking views of the countryside of Banff. Relax in a steamy hot spring (not to be confused with our previous Hot Springs National Park article) pool while viewing the scenery around you. How close to heaven can you get on earth?

Must-See Banff Conclusion

These are a few locations you can experience in Banff. We’ll have 3 more in our next travel blog post, so please come back soon!

”There are so many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is still the same.”

-Little River Band

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