10 Things to Do in Dallas In 2024, Texas

Things to do in dallas

Sporting Events

While you are in Texas, check out a Dallas Mavericks basketball or Dallas Stars hockey game while there, or tour the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. There are many great sporting events played each year in Dallas and you can watch the routines of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. There are plenty of other sports activities available in the Dallas area when visiting so visit the Dallas Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Dining & Shopping

Dallas features many famous shops and restaurants as well, including Galleria Dallas, Dallas Parkway, The North Park Center on the Central Expressway, and many other well-known shops and stores. Dallas is known for high-quality goods and brand names that are known around the world. They also have many specialty boutiques and specialty shops to choose from. When it comes to eating, like the state itself, bigger is better. Check out lots of great restaurants including The 560 featuring celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, Ocean Prime Dallas, featuring Dallas seafood, a gourmet restaurant known for its unique dishes and outstanding culinary skills.

Sightseeing Tours

Dallas sightseeing tours feature some of the best of the best in Dallas, Texas. Visiting this site before traveling to Dallas can save you a lot of time and frustration in trying to find the best locations to visit once there. The site features historical tours to museums, the downtown Dallas area, shopping and dining locations, and much more to see and do.

The Hollywood Connection

Dallas has also been known for a number of significant artistic endeavors over the years. Many popular TV shows have been filmed in the Dallas area, including the “Dallas” TV series starring Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy. A new Dallas 2nd generation series is now being filmed in the Dallas area. Tours are available to tour the old Ewing ranch where some of the scenes of the original Dallas series were filmed, as well as other sites where they have produced other television shows. I have been to the Ewing ranch myself in the past and it is an interesting place. This is often of interest to tourists who are interested in the Hollywood connection while in Dallas.

Nearby Locations

Being in Dallas also affords other opportunities to visit other areas that you might find of interest. Nearby Arlington and Fort Worth are also chocked full of activities, dining and shopping experiences, and many other photo opportunities that you can encounter while in the Lone Star State. Remember that Texas is also called “The Friendship State” and they call it that for a reason.

Go and visit the friendly folks in Dallas, Texas soon and you’ll find many interesting things to do in Dallas. For those who need a little more encouragement and enticement, please check out this Dallas, Texas Travel Guide above courtesy of another trusted travel source, Expedia. Safe Travels Everyone!

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