Travel Treasure Hunting for the Top Destinations in Slovenia

Hello everyone, it’s Skycap News™ correspondent Andrea with our latest travel update. If you asked me to choose one country that simply has it all; steep mountains, beautiful coastline, crystal clear lakes and rivers, charming towns, abundant culture, and history – it would be Slovenia. Situated between regions of Central Europe and the Balkans, this rather small country is a true gem unfairly overlooked by a large number of tourists. Join us in the quest of unraveling the top destinations in Slovenia as we discover its diverse landscapes and cultural treasures.

Top Destinations in Slovenia


Ljubljanica river canal in Ljubljana old town
Cityscape view on Ljubljanica river canal in Ljubljana old town

One of the smallest European capitals and Slovenia’s cultural hub is Ljubljana. Having visited it three times, it’s safe to say that this city doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Tourists can enjoy the colorful architecture, coffee shops on the banks of the Ljubljanica River, or rest in some of the green areas of the city.

Ljubljana is rarely crowded. You’ll feel relaxed and safe while crossing many of the city’s bridges. The Dragon bridge being the most famous of them all. The top gem of the city is the Ljubljana castle. The spectacular view of the city will make you grateful for visiting.

Triglav National Park

Top Destinations in Slovenia
Hikers enjoying a steep hike and epic view in Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Slovenia is the first country in the world that has been declared a green destination. After you visit Triglav National Park, you’ll see why. Unspoiled, enchanting nature offers a variety of choices whether you’d like to take part in a stationary or active holiday. Mountain Pokljuka and Kranjska Gora valley offer a chance for the best winter holiday with their world-class ski centers.

While lakes Bohinj and Jasna, are both tranquil oases offering great camping and fishing experiences. Triglav is most famous for its hiking activities, so make sure to bring your hiking shoes! As the top gem of this spot, we recommend waterfall hunting. Discover the Kozjak waterfall, arguably the most picturesque wonder of Slovenia. You don’t have to travel far for more photo opportunities on vacation in Slovenia.

Lake Bled

Traditional Slovenian boat pletna
Hot springs fed Lake Bled in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia

Lake Bled can be found in the far north-west of the country, conveniently nestled between the lush forests of the Julian Alps. Turquoise water with the only island in Slovenia surrounded by Alpine peaks makes this whole scene out of this world. For example, take the traditional boat “pletna” if you wish to get an up-close and personal view of the area by sailing to the tiny island. If you would rather walk, there are plenty of paved areas to take a stroll on the shoreline.

For those with a sweet tooth, don’t miss trying out a delicious cake called “kremna rezina,” basically a symbol of lake Bled. The top gem of the lake is the castle on the cliff that offers a beautiful view of the surroundings, which is also a famous wedding destination in Slovenia.

Skocjan Caves

Top Destinations in Slovenia
Skocjan Caves, one of UNESCO’s natural and cultural world heritage sites

It seems like, besides all the beautiful places above ground, Slovenia is quite marvelous “on the inside” as well. Perhaps, the best example is a splendid web of underground hallways known as Skocjan Caves. With the system of 6 km-long limestone caves, “Skocjanske jame” received a prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List recognition due to their passages, chambers, and waterfalls.

Our advice is to skip the well-known Postojna Cave. The crowds can be sizable and waiting can be tiring. Instead, focus on the other wonderful underground system, which is also partly an open-air museum and archeological site. The top gem of the Skocjan is the famous Murmuring cave, a part in which the river flows and creates a 100 meter-deep canyon that you can observe from the walking trail.

Slovene Riviera

Portorožz Beach Slovenia
Tourists enjoying Portorož Beach on the Slovenia coast

Had enough of the inland with mountains, caves, and lakes? Head over to the beautiful Slovene coast which also happens to be the last spot of our travel treasure hunt this time. It’s pretty short land-wise, with a length of around 45 km. Nonetheless, don’t let its small size fool you. This scenic feast is packed with charming coastal towns overlooking the dark-blue Adriatic Sea. Our tip for making the most of your visit to the Slovene Riviera is to start at the beginning with Koper, the biggest Slovene port. Then make your way through over Izola, Piran, and finally, Portoroz.

Every single one of these lovely towns differs from the other and has its own personal symbols and qualities. Koper is a mostly industrial and educational center of the region. However, it’s also famous for the best view of sunsets and its closeness to the Italian city Trieste. To get from one town to another, you’ll only need a few bus tickets and a few minutes. Given their close proximity, it is rather convenient to plan a multi-city visit.

Five-Star Slovenia

top destinations in Slovenia
The old clock tower in Piran is a popular Slovenian tourist attraction.

Founded as a fishing village, Izola is the smallest of these four towns. With this in mind, it’s perfect for relaxing on the grass, after taking a dip in the sea in the summertime. Definitely make plans to reserve the evenings for trying out the best seafood in Slovenia. With its colorful houses and the pedestrian area next to the sea, Piran is simply irresistible. Specifically, the Venetian influence makes Piran one of the most photogenic towns in Slovenia. If you’re more into partying and going out on the town, then Portoroz is the right place for you. In particular, exclusive restaurants and five-star hotels make Portoroz a place of gathering for Slovene and Croatian jet set.

To finish off your travel treasure hunt and sum up your impressions, we suggest you rest in one of the cafes with a glass of “malvasia” in your hand. This is a famous domestic white wine with a truly unique taste. Above all, the top gem of the Slovene Riviera is witnessing the breathtakingly beautiful sunset over the open sea from any one of these amazing places.

Top Destinations in Slovenia Summary

Without question, Slovenia is one of the more unique vacation destinations in the world. It is interesting to note that most of the foreign tourists who visit Slovenia come from other European countries. An important factor to consider is that Slovenia is a country that is committed to sustainable tourism. After reading this article and discovering the top destinations in Slovenia, is it any wonder their people are focused on protecting the breathtaking “Land of the Slovenes?”