The Best Places to Visit in Moscow

Russia is perhaps Europe’s most fascinating destination, with a rich but bloody history of tsars, communists, and war. Alongside St Petersburg, the capital city Moscow is the most popular place to visit in the country. Home to incredible symbols of power such as the Kremlin and fascinating ornate architecture like St Basil’s Cathedral. In this Skycap News™ article, we’ll discuss some of the must-see attractions on any trip to Moscow.

Best Places to Visit in Moscow

Red Square

Red Square in Moscow is a National Landmark and Tourist Destination

Red Square is the pulsating heart of Moscow, and arguably, of Russia itself. It is the enduring symbol of the country and the focal point of tourism to the city. Both St Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum can be found at Red Square and the Kremlin is just a short walk away. If you’ve never been to Moscow before and want to dive straight into the city, then Red Square is the place to start.

Colorful buildings rise up all around and you can feel the history of the place – once the site of coronations, protests, executions, and parades. Even today it is a popular location for events such as music festivals and concerts. On New Year’s Eve, you can watch a stunning fireworks display over St Basil’s Cathedral from the square, one of the best things to do in Moscow and a great way to ring in the new year. But book early, because tickets sell out quickly!

St Basil’s Cathedral

St Basil’s Cathedral on the Red Square in Moscow, Russia

St Basil’s Cathedral is probably Russia’s most recognizable landmark and one of the best places to visit in Moscow. It dominates the city skyline with its plethora of colored onion-shaped domes. The cathedral has stood proud in Red Square since the 1550s when it was commissioned by renowned Russian ruler Ivan the Terrible. The cathedral is stunning to look at from the outside. Moreover, the color continues once you get inside, with a host of ornate paintings, statues, and other decorations to look at.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

The Mausoleum of Lenin also known as Lenin’s Tomb on Red Square in Moscow

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin needs no introduction. Recognized as the Grandfather of Communism, he was the man responsible for overthrowing the last tsar, Nicholas II in 1917. This established the Bolshevik rule in Russia and was the beginning of a communist regime. An era that would last until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. After he died in 1924, Lenin was entombed in a mausoleum in Red Square. His embalmed body remains on display to this day. Expect a lot of security and a long line, but when you can come out the other side and can say you’ve seen the most recognizable communist ruler in history. Most travelers would agree it’s worth the wait.

Moscow Kremlin

The stunning exterior of The Grand Kremlin Palace is located in Moscow, Russia.

The seat of modern Russian power, the Moscow Kremlin is the official residence of the President. Surprisingly, a large part of the site is open to the public. Once you get within the towering Kremlin walls, you can wander the 60-acre site to see gilded palaces, gold-domed cathedrals, and bustling squares. There is also a museum filled with an excellent collection of Russian art and historic artifacts. The Kremlin is also home to the world’s largest bell, and the world’s largest cannon.

GUM Department Store

Eclectic interior of the GUM (State Department Store) on the Red Square

The glitzy GUM department store is one of the best places to visit in Moscow. Especially if you like a bit of shopping. Home to famous brands such as Zara and Dior, the entire ornate storefront faces Red Square, making it one of the most iconic places to shop in the world. The glass roof is impressive and there are a plethora of delicious places to eat and drink.

Bolshoi Theatre

Ballet of Mariinsky Theatre from St. Petersburg in Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow

Russia is the home of ballet and one of the best places to watch theatre in the world. Opened in 1856, the Bolshoi Theatre has earned a reputation as one of the best places in Russia to enjoy an evening of ballet, opera, or any other kind of show. The eight magnificent columns of the building welcome you. There are plenty of places to enjoy a drink while you wait for the show to begin. No trip to Moscow would be complete without taking in a spot of culture, and the Bolshoi Theatre is certainly one of the best places in the city to enjoy a performance of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake or something similar.

Trip to Moscow Summary

A melting pot of history, culture, and beautiful architecture, Moscow is sure to be top of any traveler’s list when heading to Russia. Red Square is the place to start, home to a number of the city’s finest attractions. The best way to get around the city is by metro. As a matter of fact, Moscow boasts some of the most beautiful metro stations anywhere in the world. As always we encourage our readers to share their vacation photos with us via email at Safe travels on your trip to Moscow, or shall we say, безопасные путешествия!