5 Attractive Warm Winter Destinations to Escape the Cold

Warm Winter Destinations to Escape the Cold are what many long for once the term “Wintry Mix” is first heard on the weather report. When you feel the winter wind against your back, get outside a little. But do it in a much warmer place. Unless you are already in Florida or California, winters in the USA can be harsh. The northern states experience several inches of snowfall per year and roadways can be inundated due to ice and the subsequent flooding that often follows. You can avoid all of that by making a reservation for one of these top 5 Warm Winter Destinations to Escape the Cold during the winter months:

5 Warm Winter Destinations to Escape the Cold

Orlando, Florida

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Orlando, Florida is in the county seat of Orange County, Florida in the central part of the state. They have lots of activities you can enjoy year-round including more than a dozen theme parks. Their average temperature during the winter months is around 65 degrees. Please be sure and read our other travel articles on the amazing tourist destinations available in Orlando.

Savannah, Georgia

Warm Winter Destinations for Travel- travel advice, travel tips, travel reviews

Savannah, Georgia is one of the oldest towns in the United States and they offer a warm climate during the winter months with average temperatures around 64 degrees, though some winters can see lower temperatures around 40. There are lots to do in this charming town and you can watch the barges come up the river and head out to the ocean here.

Beaufort, South Carolina

Beaufort, SC is known as “the South’s best small town,” featuring nostalgic accents like carriage rides, overhanging trees, and horseback riding year-round. Slow down the pace and enjoy the simple things of life here. Their warm climate (average around 50 in February) is a big attractor for tourists looking to escape the harsh winter weather!

San Antonio, Texas

Warm Winter Destinations for Travel

San Antonio, Texas is known for its warm temperatures even during the winter months. Though there are times it gets down around 38-42 degrees, the average in January is 62 and in February, 67. So it’s a great place to escape the winter blues. It’s also a booming town with plenty to do including The Alamo and The River Walk, to name a few.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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New Orleans, Louisiana is visited by thousands of people each year during Mardi Gras, a celebration almost as old as the town itself.  However, there are other reasons to come to New Orleans, including its balmy weather. When the winter wind hits, try New Orleans to shop, dine, and live largely. Their average temperatures are around 63 degrees even in February so it’s a great place to escape the cold!

Warm Winter Destinations Recap

Check out these 5 Warm Winter Destinations to Escape the Cold if you’re looking to escape Jack Frost this winter. Keep your smartphone charged if you plan on taking vacation photos! There’s plenty to do and see at all of these fantastic vacation destinations. Remember skycapnews.com keeps you abreast of all of the latest news of great vacation spots during every season of the year. Be sure to bookmark us and to like and share our page. We love to be your source of vacation travel tips, locations, and more when you are planning your next road trip!

We’ll close with some lines from the poet, Robert Frost from “The Thawing Wind….”

In which he was lamenting the winter cold and wind and wanted spring to come…

“Swing the picture on the wall;
Run the rattling pages o’er;
Scatter poems on the floor;
Turn the poet out of door.”