10 Practical Vacation Weight Loss Tips Before Your Trip In 2023

Losing weight before vacation can be a tedious pursuit. Especially while we are at consuming tubs upon tubs of ice cream, and savoring bacon double cheeseburgers with super-size fries. We rarely ever stop to consider the future consequences of this behavior.

Until planning for an upcoming holiday trip. That’s where the Skycap News™ team vacation weight loss tips come in handy. More often than not, even if the thought to control one’s diet dares to cross one’s mind, it is quickly dismissed. As a society, we seem to justify overeating or unhealthy food choices on a regular basis. We often tell ourselves tomorrow is the day, or make New Years’ Eve resolutions to change our eating habits. Does this sound familiar?

When bulging bellies and pants that don’t fit any longer, make their presence felt, we realize the self-inflicted harm we have done to ourselves. This guilt is complemented when one has a memorable vacation of their dreams planned. At that point, getting rid of extra poundage feels close to impossible. The hope of fitting into all those outfits you specifically purchased seems to be going down the drain.  

But, trust the Skycap News™ team, it is not as difficult as it sounds. A few changes in one’s routine can assist you to lose weight before vacation. Read the article below to find out what to do, and more importantly, not do!

Vacation Weight Loss Tips

Eat Fewer Calories

use health food for weight loss
Proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, or fast food, is a matter of choice

Allow yourself lesser calories each day. For instance, if you are used to a 2500 calorie diet every day, try restricting this count to 1500-2000/day. Keep a good, close track of your diet. While this may seem very hard to do so, it is not impossible in essence. Also, it is one of the fastest and most obvious vacation weight loss tips in existence. You might want to download one of the many calorie counter apps to your smartphone to help achieve this easily.

Carbohydrates with Fiber

use carbohydrates for weight loss tips before your trip
Selection of good carbohydrate sources, high fiber-rich food

As mentioned above, drastic alterations to one’s diet are a bad idea. Hence, if one is an avid carb consumer, cutting all sugar sources altogether is not an appreciable move. Instead, what can be done is that you try to take carbohydrates that have higher fiber content. The fiber in the diet slows the rate at which carbohydrates are digested. Hence this makes one feel full for longer; therefore, reducing the desire to take in more energy. Taken into consideration, carbohydrate control can be one of the most impactful vacation weight loss tips.

Tweak Your Diet And Lose Weight Before Vacation

Use apple in your diet for weight loss for vacation
The apple versus donut dilemma… Decisions, Decisions

It is not advisable to make random, abrupt changes to your diet. Your body might revolt, experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and the cravings would just seem to multiply. Instead of drastically changing your diet, go for smaller, easier steps and substitutions that would be easier to follow. In the long run, you can even adopt them permanently, ensuring everlasting advantages to your body.

There are multiple ways one can achieve the aforementioned. For instance, you can replace your 300 calorie snack with a 200 calorie snack. Moreover, you can also try and prepare your own meals. This will not only provide you with the opportunity to see what goes inside your food but also let you control and make healthier choices.

Eliminate Fried Food

Avoid junk food for vacation weight loss before your trip
Eliminating fried foods might be the most challenging of our vacation weight loss tips

Fried food is heavily rich in fats, and that saturated fat contributes to bad cholesterol in the human body. So instead of throwing that piece of marinated chicken into a hot pan of oil, opt to grill the meat, or bake it, for that matter. This will not only provide taste but will also provide a much healthier meal. We realize departing from our fast-food lifestyle might not be easy for the majority of travelers. In fact, the lack of tasty fried foods is probably the most difficult of our vacation weight loss tips!

Fasting Before Vacation Helps in losing weight

fasting helps Vacation weight loss
Alternate-day and intermittent fasting are two weight loss options

Fasting is also something that works for most people especially if they want to lose weight before vacation. There are several proven ways of fasting, alternate-day fasting, and intermittent fasting being two of them. You can try and test, and see which method works the best for you. It is vital that one adopts the method which allows one to feel energetic and functional throughout the day. Please don’t starve yourself as intermittent fasting is all about when you eat. One of our favorite vacation weight loss tips is to not consume food after 7 pm. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water which can also help with your weight loss goals.

Green Tea

Herbal green tea for vacation weight loss tips
Studies suggest that consuming green tea may help with weight loss

Green tea is an excellent source of intoxicants, which help cleanse the human body of not only harmful toxins but also excessive fat and is great for losing weight before holidays. In addition, green tea contains healthy bioactive compounds and may even improve brain function. Who can argue with these attributed benefits? There are multiple flavors one may choose from, ranging from lemon to mint to cinnamon. This works slowly; however, if one adopts green tea as part of an everyday routine, it is possible to enjoy long-term health benefits.

Take the Stairs

use stairs instead of lift for eight loss before trip
Taking the stairs costs nothing and will reward you with burned calories

The elevator is the fastest and most tempting way to get to the top… floor that is. Simply hop into the lift, press a button, and reach your appointment, meeting, or office, right? However, this is not the most advisable thing to do weight-loss-wise. Taking the stairs, as hard as it sounds, actually helps one to burn a lot of calories. So every time your muscles protest against the steps of the flight of stairs you are taking, understand that it is just them crying over the fat reserve they have to let go of.

Constant Movement

During work try some ways to burn calories
Try and find some ways to burn a few calories, even at your workstation

While this point may not seem awe-inspiring, it is actually quite true and beneficial. Over the years, jobs have become more and more desk-focused; therefore, limiting physical activity. When a person consumes their daily average calories, without expending them, weight gain is inevitable. This is why being in constant motion, i.e. by tapping feet and fingers, and shaking legs will burn a few more calories than remaining still sitting in an office chair. Add these vacation weight loss tips up and they can work wonders when you are trying to lose a few “lbs” for your future trip.

Take the Long Route

Walk in the morning to lose weight before vacations
Take the long route and shed a few extra unwanted calories

While we are always trying to search for looking for shorter routes to our destinations. Choose the long route if safe and walk your way to fitness while you shed those unwanted pounds. Ditch your automobile for a few days if possible, and let your legs flex a bit. Walking really is an important key to losing weight. One of the easiest ways to accomplish some additional exercise is parking a good distance from the grocery store or shopping mall entrance. Try it, and see how easy this fitness hack is for yourself!

Hit the Gym

Use Gym before going on vacation for weight loss
Follow a fitness professional at the gym or find an online workout community

As cliché as it may be, it is in fact true. Gyms often hire professional trainers, who are well aware of all the exercises and techniques to target that hard-to-lose fat. For instance, if you are struggling with stubborn belly fat, you may approach your trainer, who would recommend methods that target the concerned area. If you are super motivated, there are many workout videos online to sweat along with from the privacy of your own home. The Skycap News™ crew is even contemplating purchasing one of the new community-based rowing machines that have taken the fitness category by storm. Stay tuned! 

Vacation Weight Loss Tips Conclusion

Eating and drinking are necessities we must all do in order to survive. There is the daily temptation of food cravings and the ever-present commercials that prompt us to not only purchase but to up-size our orders. With this in mind, fast food is another reason, we all need to exercise (pun intended) caution when eating out. Home-cooked meals can usually be prepared for less money and it’s so much easier to make healthier choices in your own kitchen.

No one said it was going to be easy but, with dedication and motivation, these vacation weight loss tips will have you ready to drop a few pounds before your holiday trip of a lifetime! Editors note: Please consult with your family doctor and/or healthcare professional before implementing any weight loss routine.


How to lose weight on vacation?

If you want to make sure that you lose weight on vacation, you should start exercising before you go on vacation. If you have to, you can exercise in your hotel room. Another good way to lose weight on vacation is to become more active during the vacation. You can do things like exploring the town you are staying in. You can also go on hikes and bike rides.

How to lose weight before holiday?

Before you go on a diet, you should consider what you hope to achieve by dieting. If you are looking to lose weight before your vacation, then you should consider a diet that’s a temporary measure and intended to achieve your goal in the least amount of time. Otherwise, the best way to lose weight is to follow the principles of healthy eating. These include eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, consuming lean meat and avoiding junk food. You should also eat smaller portions at meals and limit snacking.

What should I eat before vacation to lose weight?

There are various diets that help to lose weight quickly. But for that you have to follow a proper diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle. You have to have certain things in mind before going for a diet. It is not a single day job. It is a disciplined life you need to adopt. So here are few tips to lose weight before going for a vacation.