A Comprehensive Guide Of Things To Do In Nea Makri In 2024

Greece has been a mystery and enigma for several millennia. The collection of island nations was a superpower in the ancient world.

Back then, they were known for their advances in architecture, philosophy, education, science, and culture, among other things. That’s why so many people are eager to visit Greece if budget and time allow.

They may be hesitant to go because vacationing in Greece is very expensive, or is it? Well, there’s one place in Greece that’s affordable and worth going to. So, what are some recommended things to do in Nea Makri? I’m going to tell you all about it below.

Where is Nea Makri?

Things to do in Nea Makri

When you think of Athens, you probably think of peaceful and beautiful blue seas and Ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Plato.

You may have even pondered vacationing or visiting this country of ancient and modern wonders that is the birthplace of modern Western civilization. If you do, one place worth going to is Nea Makri.

Nea Makri is a town that’s located in East Attica, which is Greece’s regional unit. The local government redrew the boundaries of Greek towns and regional units in 2011, and Nea Makri has been a municipal unit in Marathon municipality since then.

The town is approximately 36,662 kilometers and is part of Athens’s metro area. Nea Makri is a coastal town.

Its beach lies on Petalioi Gulf, which rests in the Aegean Sea. Petalioi Gulf lies in the Far East of the Attica Peninsula.

If you were to visit Nea Makri, you would eventually stumble across Neos Voutzas, a village. It would help if you drove 5 kilometers south of Nea Makri’s main area.

The good news is that you can easily travel to other areas via the Greek National Road 83. One of its main streets is Poseidonos Avenue.

Natural Landmarks

Nea Makri has some natural landmarks; since these are interesting, you may want to book a trip to them at some point in your life to explore them if you were to travel (though Greek National Road 83) in the Western and Southwestern directions, you’d soon be driving through heavily forested Penteli region. You’d see many big farms if you traveled in the Northern direction.

Travel further south, and you’ll reach the Eastern part of the Penteli region. You’d see lots of nice and beautiful beaches with pleasant weather year-round.

The beaches are lined with restaurants, hotels, and taverns – all the more to satisfy and serve the needs of the many tourists who flock to the area every year. There is an airport to the North East of Nea Makri. It’s the Athens International Airport, officially named “El. Venizelos” or code ATH.

Nea Makri’s History

Nea Makri may not have been officially recognized until 2011, but people have occupied the area for centuries.

One of these people was the Egyptians. If you were to go to Nea Makri, you might see buildings (in ruins) that house relics of Ancient Egyptian deities.

Of course, you’d also see a lot of bathhouses and a cistern since public bathing was a big part of Ancient Roman and Greek cultures.

Nea Makri was called Plesti, but the Greeks lost a military campaign in Asia Minor (Turkey) in 1922.

The Greeks who lived in the Makri region in Turkey were forced to migrate to Palestine. They renamed it Nea Makri. 

The American Navy took some interest in the town immediately after World War II. It operated an HF radio communications base in north Nea Makri. The base closed shortly after the end of the Cold War when the American government could have had a naval presence in Southern Europe. 

The people living in Nea Makri have been mostly farmers or employed in other rural occupations. More people came to live in the town after the local government embarked on housing development projects.

The local government still builds housing projects. As of 2023, approximately 17,669 people lived in the town. Nea Makri’s population growth rate has been 1.07% annually.

Points of Interest in Nea Makri

Nea Makri is like a treasure chest that holds many hidden gems in the form of natural attractions and points of interest. It’s time to discuss some of these in more detail.

Marathon Lake – this lake is about 10.8 km away from Nea Makri. You can participate in many activities at this lake.

Greece Bird Tours – You’ll be guided by an experienced professional when watching birds. You can book a custom private tour and be led by a local bird-watching expert. There will be plenty of opportunities to spot and take photos of unique Eurasian bird species that only live in this part of the world.

Almost everyone who has been on these tours has given them five-star reviews. You can even sample quality and aged wines native to Greece if you book your bird-watching tour right.

Elysium Travel – you can book a small, private tour of various parts of Greece. You’ll stop at Athens, Cape Sounion, Delphi, Epidaurus, Marathon, Meteora, and Nafplio. Of course, you’ll visit places with lots of history and interesting points. You’ll travel in an air-conditioned bus with all modern amenities, including good bathrooms and free WIFI.

These tours are customizable and flexible. You can also book mini-cruises to these and other places. Certain services are included on these tours – both the bus tour and the tour by cruise. These are pick up from and drop off to the hotel, a professional escort, lunch, entrance fees, and a professional tour guide. Most people who went on the tour gave it a five-star review on Trip Advisor.

Kaminia Beach – plenty of restaurants and other amenities at this peaceful beach with clear blue waters and few visitors at any time of day, night, week, month, or year. You’ll find plenty of things to do there.

Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin- is located in a tiny village in Arginia. It’s high up in the mountains. You’ll know you’re at the church because it’s one of the few churches in the world that shows the Virgin Mary holding snakes. 

The feast of the Assumption takes place every August 15th- If you attend the feast, you’ll enjoy lots of good food and see an interesting sight – snakes coming and laying on the icon of the Virgin Mary holding snakes.

These snakes are considered safe and holy since you’ll be encouraged to hold some of them and put them on your chest. Legend has it that the snakes slither away when the crowds go away. The snakes return the next year on the same day!

You’ll see a lot of interesting and holy relics and paintings whose histories stretch back for several centuries when you tour this church.

You’ll be in a group and be guided by a professional guide who is knowledgeable and experienced in everything about the church.

Lodging in Nea Makri

An important part of things to do in Nea Makri is finding affordable and safe lodging during your stay at Nea Makri. You can always stay in a hotel.

There are dozens of hotels in Nea Makri that offer rooms at prices that definitely won’t break the bank. But if you’re more adventurous, you can always book an Airbnb for your entire stay at Nea Makri.

You can always enjoy the clear and deep waters that Greece is known for a while, staying far away from the beach. The many vacation rentals in Nea Makri with pools make that possible. I’ll list a few here, along with their rates:

Our Beloved Nest – Turdus Melula – accommodation has six bedrooms, so up to 14 people could stay there comfortably.

The house has eight beds, and you only drive 8 minutes to the beach. You’ll pay $799 a night for this rental. 

Amomos Villa with a Private Pool – a party of up to 10 people could easily and comfortably stay at this rental. The house has seven beds and four bedrooms. Almost everyone who stayed at it gave it a 5-star rating. You’ll pay $394 a night for this rental.

“Nirvana Seaside” by the Beach – as its name implies, its beachfront property. If you’re like the many people who have dreamed of living in a house by the beach, at least temporarily, now’s your chance. It has two bedrooms and four beds and can comfortably accommodate up to 5 people. The nightly rate is $248.

Zoumperi Beach House – the beach is only an 8-minute drive away. This rental can easily and comfortably handle up to 5 people. It has two bedrooms and four beds. The rental also has a beautiful view of the beach. Expect to pay $70 a night.

You can find accommodations if you’re traveling with small kids. Some hotels that are in or near Nea Makri are:

●    Cabo Verde Hotel – a two-night stay for two adults, no kids, and one room is $73 a night. The hotel is at 41 Possidonos, Nea Makri, Marathon, 190 05 Greece. It has many amenities, including free parking, 24/7 access to a pool, complimentary breakfast, and a game room. You’ll have free access to high-speed WIFI, a fitness room with a full gym, and a beach. You can bring pets along as long as they’re well-behaved.
There are smoking and non-smoking rooms and suites. Each room or suite has air conditioning, room service, a refrigerator stocked with goodies that you have to pay for, a private balcony, a safe (to store your belongings in), and an LCD TV. The hotel also has family rooms and suites for those traveling with kids.

●    Myrto Hotel – a two-night stay in a room for two adults and no kids costs approximately $58. Myrto Hotel is located at Marathonos Avenue 34, Nea Makri, Marathon 109 09, Greece. Most visitors give it three-and-a-half star reviews. Its amenities include free parking, 24/7 access to a pool, things for young kids to do, travel to the airport, free high-speed WIFI, a bar, and lounge, the ability to bring well-behaved pets, rooms for families with small kids, and non-smoking rooms.
Each room comes with the following features:

  • Air conditioning
  • A refrigerator
  • A private balcony
  • An LCD TV

Places to Eat in Nea Makri

Ena Restaurant Pizza Gelateria – you’ll get traditional Italian dishes, pizzas, and Mediterranean dishes. It’s located at Kiwanis Aktis Posidonos in Nea Makri, Greece. You can call +30-2294-034917 to make reservations.

It has affordable vegetarian and vegan dishes that are delectable. The restaurant is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Most visitors gave it four-and-a-half out of five stars on Trip Advisor for food, service, and value. You can order takeout food and have it delivered to your lodging.

H Trata – expect traditional Greek, seafood, and Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant is at The Beach, Nea Makri, Marathon 190 05 Greece. Call +30-2294-094794 to make reservations. You can order vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. The food is affordable, and visitors gave it four out of five stars on Trip Advisor for food, service, value, and atmosphere.

Things To Do In Nea Makri Recap

If you love traveling to little hole-in-the-wall places with lots of interesting things to see and intriguing history to learn about at affordable prices, then you should book a trip to Nea Makri at least once. After all, you’ll be visiting one of the Greek islands without paying the higher prices that those who visit Athens or Corinth have to pay.