Cruise Getaways: Surf, Sand, and Ships!

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So, your girlfriends or (boyfriends for that matter) are trying to convince you to take a girls-only cruise. What could possibly be much better than making unforgettable memories, laughing until your stomach hurts, providing killer Facebook check-ins and status updates with your “BFFs?” Did someone say, “selfies?” Now the dilemma; Some of your group wants to go to a destination where they can play while some want to simply relax and spend time together. Rather than flipping a coin or the childhood game to settle scores of all kinds “rock, paper, scissors,” consider having the best of all worlds and sea by taking a cruise.

While there are many destinations throughout the world that would satisfy almost everyone, one alternative that checks off nearly every possible box is to seriously contemplate booking a cruise. An ocean or river cruise to most any desired location can be had for a portion of the cost of an on-land resort holiday. With almost exactly (and sometimes greatly upgraded) the same comforts and luxuries.

Cruises Offer Something for Nearly Everyone

Since most cruise ships see several ports of call, your scenery is constantly changing. For the members of your group who enjoy a more active getaway, they are able to fill their days with on-shore experiences galore. While others can enjoy sunbathing (with their beverage of choice) by the pool at a leisurely pace. In a nutshell, everyone can do the things they enjoy throughout the day and then regroup for dinner. If the group still can’t agree on cuisine then you are still in luck. Most cruise ships provide a number of dining choices. This makes it simple for everybody to locate food that they enjoy. Note to self; It might not be the best time to be on a diet during your time on the ship!

Cruises are an Excellent Travel Bargain

Those of you searching for How to Spot a Winning Vacation Destination are in luck. You can even spend much less (in the end) and still have an excellent time should you choose to save money. For those ready to splurge one can readily drop thousands on more upscale luxury cruises. Trips to each port (unless already included in cruise price) and other “extras” can drive up the bill, however, you can save cash by researching ports by yourself. Bottom line? When you get home, since nearly everything is paid in advance, a cruise will not leave you with a huge unexpected bill when you get home. That is unless you find yourself shopping ashore and using your credit card more than relaxing on-board. Remember, there are many activities included, the ala carte activities can add up extremely quickly. For more on planning and saving topics while traveling, please refer to our previous article 5 Vacation Tips to Save You Time and Money.

Cruise Provides Peace of Mind

The truth is the fact that there is always a chance for something to go wrong during your vacation getaway. Although no one likes to think “it could happen to them,” please take into consideration the capacity for things to go wrong while traveling. Each mode of travel has its risk potential such as a car breaking down while taking a road trip or flight delays and/or cancellations and missed connections during a multi-stop flight. Common sense and law of averages go away, but a cruise does offer some degree of peace of mind for a group of girls traveling to foreign nations. Most cruise ship ports are incredibly secure, and both the shipping line and country Please keep in mind to exercise safety and only join organized tours booked by the cruise ship. Common sense usually eliminates the probability of something going wrong.

Cruises Provide a Wide Selection of “Bucket List” Excursions

Determined by ship and the cruise line you select, you’ll have a seemingly never-ending array of shore and water sport excursions to pick from in regards to spending your own time on and off the boat. While your “besties” can get their shopping fix (duty-free in many cases) in an exotic port you may get your alone shore time. Cruise directors attentively schedule an array of activities to attract nearly every type of traveler from the couch potato to the adventurous sports junkie, making it possible to hike in a rain-forest the same day you’ll be able to gamble and enjoy Vegas type entertainment on board at night.

Allow for A Great Mixture of Alone and Together Time

While everyone was getting along “hunky-dory” when the cruise departed, there are of times that traveling with a group can wear on one’s nerves after a while. One thing to carefully consider on a cruise is that there can be such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” Even the finest of lifelong friends can get on each others’ nerves when they spend an excessive amount of time together cramped in much smaller than normal quarters. All too frequently, travelers feel like they should spend every waking minute together while on holiday. On a cruise, however, there are really so many things to do that make it easy to secure some “alone time” from each other. Be very clear about your need for alone time and everyone should enjoy the time you do spend together even more!

Cruise or Not to Cruise?

While the travel experts at Skycap News have spent many millions of miles in the air, it’s also nice to enjoy time on the land and water. Cruise getaways with your family, friends, or even solo offer the very best of all possible worlds. Talk to your friends and see what kind of cruise deals and amazing itinerary you can put together for your next getaway. Have a group meeting well in advance to ensure everyone is truly on the same page before departing on your cruise and you will most assuredly enjoy calm seas throughout your trip. You’ve got nothing to lose except your stress and the water as it disappears behind you.

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