Can You Swim in the Pink Lake? Causes of Pink Lake Hillier Australia

Can You Swim in the Pink Lake? Yes, you can swim in pink lake Australia. Pink Lake in Australia is not toxic, although it contains a bacteria that gives it its color. If you’ve never gone swimming in the Pink Lake, you’re in for a real treat. One of the most famous pink lakes is located in Australia. Named for its hot pink “Pepto-Bismol-like hue,” The Pink Lake is located in the Middle Island area of Lake Hillier. Some people are afraid to swim in the pink water due to its strange color, but the water is perfectly safe to swim in.

Can You Swim in the Pink Lake Australia?

Causes of Pink Lake Water

The water in the Pink Lake of Australia is high in salt content, which is what gives its strange coloring. It is also high in buoyancy, making anyone who swims in it as light as a cork in a wine bottle. You can have someone take your picture while swimming in the bright pink water and make jokes about how you stayed near the Pepto-Bismol factory and they had a manufacturing problem or something!

View from the Top

Many tourists enjoy seeing it from the air such as a plane or helicopter ride. However the adventurous prefer to get dropped off near the Lake to swim. The contrast to the surrounding lush greenery gives it an even more interesting look.

History of the Pink Lake Australia

The Pink Lake was undiscovered until the year 1802 when Captain Flinders, a captain in search of an island or other adventures who discovered a “rosy-colored lake” as he sailed. For geographical reference, the Pink Lake in Australia is located off the southern coast of Western Australia as part of the chain of islands called the Recherche Archipelago. Middle Island is the largest island in the group and it is empty of nature other than the dense forest of eucalyptus nearby.

Why People Swim in Pink Lake

You may wonder what is so appealing about this Pink Lake (or any of the other Pink Lakes) at various locations around the world. One reason is that it is unique. The extremely salty content of the lake makes it a unique experience and some people like the idea of “swimming in salt.” It’s certainly a story you can tell later if you decide to try it.

Swimming in Pink Lake is an interesting break from the normal types of vacations that you may take. It is something you should probably put on your bucket list if you are into “strange and unique experiences.” Don’t drink this water, though. While it’s not toxic to swim in, it’s not fit for drinking. Below you’ll find information on other pink lakes in case you are interested in trying these too.

Other Pink Lakes

Can You Swim in the Pink Lake

If you don’t plan on going “down under” and prefer one of the other Pink Lakes, we’ve made a shortlist of the other locations below:

Lake Retba, Senegal

Salina de Torrevieja, Spain

Dusty Rose Lake, Canada

Masazir Lake, Azerbaijan

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

Can You Swim in the Pink Lake? Final Thoughts

This reminds us of the old joke where “The patient asks the Doctor if he can play the violin after his surgery. The Doctor then answers, Yes of course. The patient then says that’s funny because I couldn’t play the violin before!” 😉 Yes, you can swim in the Pink Lake provided you know how to float and/or swim! Always practice safety first and wear a life vest or industry-approved floating device if there is any doubt about your buoyancy.


What happens if you swim in the pink lake Australia?

Probably nothing. The pink color comes from the presence of a cyanobacteria in the water. As long as you don’t drink it, swim in it, or ingest it in any way, you are probably okay!

Is pink lake toxic In Australia?

Pink Lake in Australia is not toxic, although it contains a bacteria that gives it its colour. This bacteria, called Dunaliella Salina , is a salt-loving microorganism that is usually found in places with low salinity and high sunlight. As sun and salt are abundant in Pink Lake, it looks pinkish purple. Pink Lake is not harmful to humans.

Can you swim in the pink lake Kalbarri?

Yes, you can swim in the Pink Lake. Just don’t eat the pink salt. The salt in the lake has a pink tint to it due to the high amount of Dunaliella salina present in the water. The water is safe to swim in, but you may find the color of the water a bit off putting. However, the salt is safe to eat, so bring a container along the next time you go camping and have some pink salt for a meal. And no, you can’t drink the water. It’s salty, not sweet.

Can you swim in Lake Hillier?

Lake Hillier is an incredibly beautiful lake that lies in Australia. The lake is pink and red because of the microorganisms Alga Dunaliella Salina. The lake is pinker when the sea breeze (during dry season) carries the salt entering into the lake. In the night of full moon the lake appears in a bright red color due to the scattering effect of the moon light. If you want to see the lake, you should visit the lake in January to March when the weather is dry.

Planning Your Pink Lake Vacation

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