Free Things to Do and See in BANFF, CANADA

In our last article, we introduced you to Banff, Canada, a beautiful little town in the center of the Canadian Rockies that offers hot springs baths, eagle-eye views of the mountains, and great shopping and dining. Here are a few more activities you can get into when visiting this quaint town in the province of Alberta, Canada.

Things to do in Banff

Cave and Basin National Historic Site

The Cave and Basin National Historic Site serves as a landmark for the birthplace of the Canadian National Park System, which officially began in 1885. You’ll find natural caves and natural warm mineral springs that flow inside the cave, as well as an emerald-colored basin. You’ll be able to go on guided tours of the caves and small the minerals and steam as you dip your hand into the fountain. You’ll be able to explore ancient artifacts and watch the presentations that reveal the story of this historic site. There’s plenty of wildlife if you enjoy photographing animals on your journey and you can even take a Discovery Tour or Lantern Tour to explore the site after hours. For extra fun during the winter, they invite you to bring your ice skates!

Banff Hiking Trails

Banff Hiking Trails, Things to Do and See in BANFF

If you are a hiker, this is your perfect chance to try out your hiking boots by taking any of several hiking trails through the mountains. One of the trails starts at the entrance of the site, while others meander through various other parts of the Banff Cave and Basin Historic Site. Either way, you’ll have a great time getting back to nature in a big way as you traverse through this natural scenery and adventure area.

Banff Art Galleries and Museums

Despite all of its outdoorsy splendor, Banff is not short on culture either. Tour one of many interesting and educational art galleries and museums and exhibits along the Banff area when you visit. Located close to the also famous Lake Louise, the art exhibits are well worth seeing while there. Tour Banff Park and Museum National Historic Site features many such art treasures and productions, as well as other local galleries, such as the All in the Wild Photo and Art Gallery and more.

Banff Lake Cruise on Lake Minnewanka

Banff Lake Cruise on Lake Minnewanka, things to do in Banff

Next, take a romantic lake cruise on Lake Minnewanka, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park, just a short drive from downtown. This 1-hour cruise departs hourly between May to mid-October and features an up-close view of beautiful Banff and the surrounding scenery from the lake view. You’ll be educated too, as trained Banff guides teach you all about the history of the area. Learn about the wildlife of the park and the traditions of the early inhabitants of the park and more. Click here for up-to-date Lake Minnewanka Cruise information. Tell them the Skycap News™ team sent you!

Things to Do in Banff Recap

Finally, it would be difficult for anyone to argue with the “Top 20 Sight in Banff National Park” video above. Give it a view or two as you plan to travel to this truly amazing and picturesque part of our planet. Safe Travels!