What to See and Do in Sinharaja Forest

The Sinharaja Forest is a UNESCO world heritage site, Biodiversity Hotspot, and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. All these titles represent the importance of this forest reserve in terms of its fragility and exceptional biodiversity. Located in Sri Lanka, the Sinharaja forest is home to many rare species of birds, animals, insects, and much more. The best time to visit this forest is between January to May and from August to December. This is because during the monsoon period mudslides are very possible, so hiking at this time can be unsafe.

Even though this tropical wetland no longer has lions, the flora and fauna living in the lush green soil will keep a traveler’s vision gazed at its spectacular beauty. When you visit the Sinharaja forest you will come across the purple-faced Langur.

Plus rare wetland trees that you cannot find anywhere else on the planet. This amazing forest is situated on the Southern side of Sri Lanka with trees spanning in a narrow band of 7,648 Hectares and continues to be a special destination in Sri Lanka. So, what exactly can you do when you visit this forest? Well, below is the answer to your questions.

Bird Watching

For this, you can get onto a rock or the peaks of Singahella and Moulawella to help spot some rare species of birds. These birds are not easily found anywhere other than Sri Lanka. This diversely dense and rich forest is home to at least 280 species of birds.

During your trip through the fertile vegetation of the Sinharaja forest, you will also come across endangered species of birds such as the Sri Lanka blue magpie, Green-billed coucal, white-headed starling, wood pigeon, broad-billed roller, and ashy headed babbler. Each originates in Sri Lanka and is rare to the whole globe.

Sinharaja Hiking

You can access the park only through a hiking trail that’s present along with all the entrance centers. These walking trails have been present for centuries. When you hike through the Sinharaja forest, you will come across both old and new trees that remain green during the entire year.

Breezing with the wind you will be able to enjoy the fresh air as you hike across the wet lowlands, peaks while witnessing flowers of the herbs and shrubs that span across the regions in the Sinharaja forest reserve. You will also walk through marshy damp trails that are full of muddy walkways and green grass on the way to the mesmerizing destination.

Animal Sightseeing

The Sinharaja forest is not home to big five animals like the African wilderness. Even so, the forest reserve tours in the Sri Lankan plains are full of unexpected surprises. The exotic swampy animals you come across are indigenous to this forest. You will definitely want to make a return trip to the Sinharaja forest over and over again.

This place is home to wild leopards of the Sri Lankan genus and rare Purple-faced langur monkeys that have purple-colored faces. You can also find the different sizes of elephants in the wetback drop that is only present in the Asian region. Even if you don’t come across these animals when sightseeing you will at least witness the footprints left by them. Overall, going sightseeing for the Sinharaja forest animals is one of the best experiences you will have. And is something you must not miss.

Vivid Waterfalls

The Sinharaja forest possesses incredible waterfalls. Each waterfall is visually spectacular in its own regard and something that you must definitely witness in this forest. The small but grand reserve consists of eight (8) amazing waterfalls that you will come across while on your tour. You can even feel the refreshment of these waterfalls as you walk past them. Gal Orewa, Thattu, Duuvili, Nuga Deka, Brahmana, and Uruna Wetuna are the names of some magnificent waterfalls that are present here. So get yourself a pair of waterproof boots as you walk across the trails of this wetland forest reserve while you venture out for this trip.

The Sinharaja Forest Recap

Said in short, the Sinharaja forest is an amazing destination that one must definitely visit. This trip will not only be a vacation. Sinharaja Rainforest will also be a knowledge-enhancing trip as you witness various fauna and flora like never before. So pack your bags and head over to Sri Lanka to experience the best of nature.