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Travelers who are preparing for a business trip or vacation often have mixed emotions. For some, the thrill of adrenaline pushes one onward in anticipation of the destination. For others, the sheer dread of another trip to the airport raises the question, “Not Again?!” From hotels to taxis to airports, traveling can be irritating, confusing, time-intensive, and costly. SkyCap News is here to assist in easing your anxieties, make traveling more efficient and enjoyable, whether it’s business or leisure travel. We salute SkyCaps and their many contributions to the travel industry and when one couple that with seasoned “frequent flyer” knowledge, it can save a LOT of frustration, money, and time.

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When a traveler decides to embark on a journey, they’re now confronted with expensive “add-on” fees, airline baggage limitations, confusing airports, trying airport security, and that’s before you even get to the gate! It’s no wonder that most folks find traveling incredibly frustrating. It’s one thing to plan on a trip save you time and money for the “vacation of a lifetime.” But, to encounter numerous ordeals (sometimes self-inflicted) throughout the journey can turn paradise into something less rewarding.  Whether we care to admit it, we’ve all been there!  So to help make business and leisure travelers co-exist in a more synergistic fashion, we started this site to help “everyone get along!”

Yes, we will even try and educate the individual who waits until the very last moment to remove their laptop from the backpack/briefcase while leaving change in their pockets! We will even attempt to show how “Little Things Mean a Lot” while traveling. How “Kindness is King” and can be rewarded in many ways throughout your travel lifetime. One topic we would love to conquer but, admittedly is out of our realm of the resolution, is sitting next to the individual afflicted with the dreaded “snoring passenger syndrome!”

Skycap News is a travel news and travel tips site that will strive to give our readers everything you need when it comes to planning and enjoying any kind of trip. The travel news and reviews found on these pages come from a collective group of trusted sources (our admin has personally flown over 3MM miles) to ensure a much better travel experience. Skycap contributors understand what travelers want and need because they have been there themselves, many times! Skycap News is here to help travelers with pertinent information that will make your trip(s) better. We will also offer ideas for that “bucket list” trip of a lifetime!

People reading Skycap News will discover many helpful topics to ensure “smoother skies!” Skycap News will offer advice concerning the fastest way through the airport. We’ll show travelers the way to minimize delay times from the parking lot to the gate. We’ll help travelers better deal with the most active and crowded airports in the world. While many of the same principles are in place for the numerous small regional airports, there is a major learning curve once someone arrives for the first connecting flight in their lifetime. What’s a “Moving Sidewalk?” No worries, we will point you in the right direction!

Rest assured, we won’t start and stop with air travel. SkyCap News will cover everything travel-related from hotels, rental cars, and even amazing culinary adventures once you arrive safely at your destination. SkyCap News promise is to offer travelers real-world experience and comprehensive information that covers everything a traveler needs for a more enjoyable trip. . .  and once again every contributing writer is an experienced seasoned traveler. Now place your seat back in the upright and locked position, we are Number One for takeoff. Safe Travels!