Travel Size Shaving Cream: Top Picks for Lightweight Packing

Shaving cream is an essential component of daily grooming routines for millions of people. It softens and lifts hair for a close and comfortable shave, providing a protective layer between the blade and skin to reduce irritation and razor burn. Particularly for sensitive skin, shaving cream is crucial to maintaining skin health. However, regular-sized shaving cream canisters are not always travel-friendly due to their size and the restrictions on carrying aerosols and gels aboard flights.

Travel size shaving cream offers a convenient solution. These compact versions are designed to be portable, making them ideal for individuals on the go. They often come in sizes suitable for carrying luggage, adhering to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations, which is handy for frequent travelers who want to keep their grooming routine consistent.

When choosing a travel size shaving cream, it’s important to consider the type of container (aerosol or non-aerosol), as well as the formula. Some individuals might prefer natural ingredients that are kinder to the skin, while others may be more concerned with the shaving cream’s ability to provide a thick, creamy lather. The product size should also be suitable for the duration of the trip but still under the limit for liquid governance.

We understand the importance of convenience and quality in personal care products like shaving cream, especially when maintaining your grooming routine away from home. Therefore, we’ve undertaken extensive research and testing on various travel size shaving creams to find options that offer the perfect balance between portability and performance.

Top Travel Size Shaving Creams

Travel Size Shaving Cream

We’ve scoured the market and tested numerous options to present you with our selection of the top travel size shaving creams. Ideal for the globetrotter or business traveler, these creams are compact, compliant with airport regulations, and provide a smooth shaving experience without sacrificing quality. Embrace the ease of grooming on the go with these reliable choices.

Gillette Foamy Travel Size

Gillette Foamy Shaving Foam

This classic shaving foam is a flyaway hit for its convenience and performance.


  • Whips up quickly into a rich lather.
  • Smooth glide reduces razor friction.
  • The compact size is ideal for on-the-go grooming.


  • The size may be smaller than expected.
  • Some might prefer a more modern formula.
  • Limited scent options.

Gillette’s travel-sized shaving foam reminds us why this brand has been a bathroom staple for so long. The foam bursts into a creamy lather with little effort, making it a faithful companion for a quick shave before that early morning flight. It’s like bringing a piece of your home routine in your toiletry bag.

The Comfort Glide formula ensures that our razor sweeps across the skin with minimal drag, a huge boon when dealing with hotel bathroom mirrors. With this foam, we’ve accomplished smooth, effortless shaves without the inevitable nicks and bumps.

The product takes up minimal space but delivers massively on performance. We’ve toted this little can on countless business trips and getaways, and it always finds a place in our tightest packing arrangements. While trends in grooming come and go, this shaving foam has remained our tried-and-true.

Edge Travel Shave Gel

Edge Travel Shave Gel

We recommend grabbing this travel-sized shave gel for its skin-friendly ingredients and compact design, perfect for on-the-go grooming.


  • Kind to sensitive skin with aloe infusion.
  • Compact size meets TSA standards for carry-on luggage.
  • The rich gel formula ensures a smooth shave.


  • The cap design may be prone to opening in a travel bag.
  • It may not last as long as larger cans if used frequently.
  • Limited quantity per package might require frequent repurchases.

When we first squeezed this shave gel into our hands, we noticed its smooth consistency immediately. It is designed for sensitive skin and contains aloe and Vitamin E, both known for their soothing properties. The fragrance is mild and unobtrusive, which is great for those who prefer subtlety over strong scents. This is the kind of product you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever had to endure the redness and irritation that can come with shaving while traveling.

The size is a standout feature. It fits easily into any TSA-approved quart-sized bag, indispensable for air travel. We’ve found that its slender shape slips effortlessly into the nooks of our luggage, saving valuable space for other essentials.

However, it’s worth considering how often you’ll use this product. Each can contain 2.75 oz of gel, which isn’t a lot if you shave daily. We’d advise stocking up if you plan a longer trip or frequent jet-setting. This gel goes a long way with a lather rich enough to protect against nicks and cuts despite the smaller size. It delivers a shave as close and comfortable as the full-sized versions we’ve used at home.

Cremo Shave Cream

Cremo Original Shave Cream

Thanks to Cremo Original Shave Cream, our mornings just got smoother – it’s truly a cut above for a close shave without the burn.


  • Ridiculously slick for a razor’s dream glide.
  • Just a dab ensures ample coverage.
  • A blend of natural extracts nourishes the skin.


  • The lack of foam can surprise traditionalists.
  • It might clog up your blade if used too generously.
  • The tube can be challenging to squeeze when running low.

Cremo has crafted a shaving partner that stands out in a crowded aisle of creams and gels. We’ve noticed how a small amount leaves a rich layer across the face, laying the groundwork for a blade to sweep across with minimal fuss.

We’ve found that the formula, brimming with natural ingredients like Aloe and Macadamia Seed Oil, can pamper the skin during and after the shave. Seeing how it leaves behind a smooth touch without the usual irritation is refreshing.

But it’s not just about comfort. We appreciate Cremo’s effort in making a product that respects both the environment and our skin, keeping those nasty parabens out of the picture. Our shave routine feels responsible and enjoyable, all the more with this cream as part of it.

eos Sensitive Shave Cream

eos Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream

This shaving cream offers an exceptional shave with its hydrating properties and soothing ingredients, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin.


  • Leaves skin remarkably smooth and hydrated for 24 hours.
  • Suitable for shaving sensitive areas without irritating.
  • It can be used on wet or dry skin, enhancing its versatility.


  • Some pumps may require extra effort to dispense the product.
  • The cream’s thickness might clog some razors.
  • Unscented formula may not appeal to those who enjoy fragranced products.

After using this eos Sensitive Shave Cream for several weeks, we’ve noticed a significant reduction in skin irritation and razor burns. Its unique blend of ingredients, like colloidal oatmeal and shea butter, calms the skin and provides long-lasting hydration. The texture is more like a lotion than conventional foam shaving creams, which creates a barrier that allows the razor to glide effortlessly, minimizing nicks and cuts.

We appreciate that it’s gynecologist-tested and safe for the entire bikini area. Its hypoallergenic properties have made our shaving routine far more comfortable, especially in delicate zones. While it’s designed for sensitive skin, we’ve observed that it performs equally well on all skin types, leaving behind a soft, touchable surface.

We’ve also liked that it’s free from parabens, phthalates, and gluten, aligning with our preference for more natural skin care options. The 7 fl oz size fits perfectly within our travel toiletries bag, making it convenient for on-the-go grooming. Despite some minor drawbacks, we believe eos Sensitive Shave Cream lives up to its promises and would recommend it to anyone seeking a gentle yet effective shaving experience.

Barbasol Sensitive Skin 2 oz

Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream

The Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream is an excellent choice for those with delicate skin looking for a comfortable shave on the go.


  • Enriched with aloe and other skin-calming ingredients for a soothing shave.
  • Includes a rust-proof aluminum can perfect for travel.
  • Delivers a thick lather for a smooth razor glide.


  • Size still requires placing in checked luggage on flights.
  • All users might not prefer a light fragrance.
  • Limited to a pack of three, which may be too much for extremely short trips.

From our experience, Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream stands up to the rigors of travel. Its small 2 oz size fits neatly in a toiletry bag without taking up much space—ideal for those trips where every inch of your suitcase counts. The cream whips up a rich lather that we found to be quite protective, and it glides on our faces, minimizing razor drag and the risk of nicks.

We’ve also noticed the difference the natural ingredients make. Aloe, thyme, and papaya not only nurture the skin during the shave but have left our skin feeling refreshed and less irritated than other brands. It’s a welcome benefit for our sensitive skin, and we appreciate no post-shave dryness.

Despite its suitability for travel, it’s worth noting that you still can’t carry it in hand luggage due to airport security restrictions on aerosols. Moreover, while the fragrance is light, those preferring unscented products might find it a downside. Another minor inconvenience is that it only comes in a pack of three, which may not be ideal for someone looking for a single travel-size container.

Overall, we are quite pleased with the performance of the Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream and consider it a staple in our travel grooming kit. The convenience of a rust-proof can and the comfort of a smooth shave make it hard to beat.

Harry’s Travel Shaving Cream

Harry's Shaving Cream

We believe this shaving cream is worth purchasing for its soothing ingredients and close-shave performance.


  • Hydrating formula for smooth gliding.
  • Natural ingredients with a refreshing scent.
  • Good value with direct factory pricing.


  • It may be too thick for some preferences.
  • Possible razor clog due to cream’s richness.
  • Comparatively pricey, regardless of quality.

Gearing up for the day, we reached for Harry’s Shaving Cream, ready to tackle the task of shaving. The feel of the cream was luxurious, spread easily across the skin, and softened the beard efficiently, prepping for a comfortable shave. Its eucalyptus and mint concoction invigorated our senses, a pleasant perk to kickstart a morning routine.

Through the shaving process, we noticed how the razor didn’t skip a beat, sliding seamlessly due to the cream’s cushioning properties. Indeed, it is a testament to the blend of natural ingredients curated for a gentle yet effective shave. Post-rinse, our skin felt nourished, a testament to the thoughtful inclusion of aloe vera in Harry’s formula.

Reflecting on the experience, the cream’s consistency did call for regular razor rinsing to prevent clogging up with excess product. Those who prefer a lighter touch might find this cream’s rich texture more than they bargained for. Weighing the benefits against the price point, it’s clear that the investment is for a quality experience where shaving cream plays a pivotal role in skin protection and comfort.

C.O. Bigelow Travel Shave Cream

C.O. Bigelow Travel Shave Cream

We recommend this travel-friendly shaving companion for its apt blend of quality and convenience.


  • Lathers richly, ensuring a smooth shave with minimal product usage.
  • Infused with Eucalyptus & Coconut Oil to protect and moisturize skin.
  • Compact and TSA-compliant for hassle-free travel.


  • Premium price point compared to regular shaving creams.
  • The scent may be overly specific for some preferences.
  • It contains menthol, which might not suit all skin types.

On my last business trip, packing light was my top priority. C.O. Bigelow’s travel shaving cream came in handy due to its compact size, which effortlessly slipped into my dopp kit. The rich, concentrated cream whipped up a luxurious lather from just a pea-sized dab, facilitating a clean and close shave without the sting of razor burns. Its refreshing Eucalyptus scent was the perfect wake-up call during those groggy mornings.

Despite the heftier price tag, the cream’s longevity offsets the initial investment—we don’t need to restock as frequently as with generic brands. Moreover, premium ingredients like Coconut Oil visibly improved my skin’s hydration, eliminating the tightness I usually felt post-shave. It’s great for all skin types, but those fondly fond of natural ingredients will appreciate this product even more.

While I savored the cooling effect of the menthol, others in the office had differing opinions, especially those with sensitive skin—it’s a reminder that personal taste in scent and ingredients can vary widely. Nevertheless, our overall experience hints at why this Italian-made cream has earned its place in our travel essentials—equal parts sophistication and efficiency.

Gillette Travel Shave Gel

Gillette Series Shave Gel

We recommend this product for travelers seeking a smooth, comfortable shave without lugging around a full-size can.


  • Enriched with aloe to soothe sensitive skin.
  • It delivers a smooth shave, making each stroke count.
  • Perfectly sized for travel compliance and convenience.


  • The price point is quite high for the small quantity.
  • Limited availability of this travel size in local stores.
  • Can empties quickly with daily use.

When we tried the Gillette Series Shave Gel, we first noticed how the aloe infusion calmed our skin. There was no irritation, just a comforting sensation that lasted throughout our shave. Even when we used it on areas prone to nicks and cuts, the gel performed admirably, providing a level of protection we’ve come to expect from Gillette.

Its travel size is a game-changer for frequent flyers like us. Pass-through security was a breeze, and the compactness allowed us to carry it in our dopp kit without sacrificing other essentials. This gel didn’t languish at the bottom of the bag; it earned its place in our travel routine.

Admittedly, the price initially made us hesitant. We’d not often pay a premium for less product, but the quality and convenience justified the cost in this case. Our only wish is that more local shops stocked these travel-friendly canisters. Overall, Gillette delivered the dependable close shave we needed, exactly when we needed it, with no mess or fuss.

Gillette Series Shave Gel Sensitive Mini Pack

Gillette Shave for the cleanest smoothest shaves

We recommend the Gillette Series Shave Gel Sensitive Mini Pack for its compact size and performance, which is ideal for maintaining a smooth shave while traveling.


  • The ideal size fits effortlessly in our travel kit.
  • Offers a comfortable shaving experience, especially for sensitive skin.
  • The gel form provides a rich lather, minimizing nicks and cuts.


  • There are a few reports of packaging issues leading to product damage.
  • Limited supply may make it hard to find in the future.
  • Individual usage may vary, resulting in the product running out quickly.

The compactness of these gel cans has been a game-changer for our on-the-go grooming routines. Whether we’re jet-setting for business or heading out for a weekend getaway, the Gillette Series Shave Gel Sensitive Mini Pack has consistently found a spot in our luggage. Designed for sensitive skin, it’s reassuring to know that a familiar brand can be relied upon to prevent irritation during our travels.

However, it’s not without its flaws. There has been chatter about packaging mishaps, which can be irksome, particularly when we expect to receive our products intact and ready for use. Also, the fear of scarcity looms with rumors of production halts, which has us considering stocking up sooner rather than later.

In use, the shave gel performs admirably, delivering a comfortable shave and turning the mundane task into a moment of self-care. Its creamy lather allows the razor to glide smoothly, which is impressive considering the various water qualities we’ve dealt with in different locations. After all, isn’t the point of travel-sized toiletries to bring a bit of the comfort of home?

ZENNUTT Shaving Cream Kit

ZENNUTT Shaving Cream Kit

We found the ZENNUTT Shaving Cream Kit an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable, travel-friendly shaving experience.


  • Variety of subtle, pleasing scents.
  • A creamy, plant-based formula that nourishes the skin.
  • It is the ideal size for travel and complies with carry-on regulations.


  • Tubes may be smaller than some anticipate.
  • Limited control over scent choices within the gift set.
  • Scented creams might not appeal to those who prefer fragrance-free options.

Our recent journeys had us reaching for the convenience of ZENNUTT’s travel-size shaving cream. We appreciated the scents that catered to different preferences, all subtle enough to prevent aroma overload. The creams lather quickly, paving the way for a smooth, close shave.

Those with a penchant for ethical products will be pleased by the plant-based formula, replete with aloe vera and jojoba. It’s reassuring to know that while we’re grooming on the go, our skin’s being treated to a dose of tender, loving care.

As frequent flyers, we value compliance with airport security requirements, and this kit hits the mark. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into a dopp kit or carry-on. Plus, we didn’t have to sacrifice product performance for portability—a win-win in our book.

Buying Guide

Understanding Size Restrictions

When selecting travel size shaving cream, it’s important to remember that airline regulations typically limit liquids in carry-on bags to containers of 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less. This also must fit comfortably in a single, quart-sized, clear plastic zip-top bag.

Key Features to Consider

Capacity: Look for containers that maximize the amount of shaving cream yet comply with travel regulations.

Container Design: A secure, leak-proof design is essential to prevent spillage in your luggage.

Quality of Ingredients: Opt for a shaving cream that contains moisturizing elements like aloe or glycerin to keep your skin hydrated, especially since traveling can dehydrate the skin.

Additional Considerations

  1. Consistency: Some creams are denser, allowing you to use less product per shave, which is ideal for travel.
  2. Ease of Use: A container with an easy dispensing mechanism can save time and hassle.
  3. Fragrance: Consider unscented options if you have sensitive skin or prefer to avoid clashing with your cologne.

Comparison Table

FeatureWhy It’s Important
VolumeYou must comply with travel restrictions while providing enough cream for your trip.
ContainerA well-designed container can save space and prevent leaks.
IngredientsProducts with skin-friendly components will ensure a comfortable shave and skin care.
ConsistencyDenser creams are longer-lasting and more travel-efficient.
DispensingEase of use can enhance your overall experience.
FragranceCan be chosen based on personal preference and skin sensitivity.

We aim to focus on these features to maximize the convenience and efficiency of our shaving routines while adhering to travel requirements and maintaining good skin health.

Frequently Asked Questions

When packing for air travel, we often have questions about what is permissible for carry-on luggage, particularly shaving cream. Let’s address some common queries.

What is the maximum allowable size for shaving cream in carry-on luggage?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows aerosol containers in carry-on baggage up to 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters for flights departing from airports in the United States.

Are non-aerosol shaving creams preferred for air travel, and why?

Non-aerosol shaving creams are preferred because they are not subject to the same restrictions as aerosols. They’re less likely to leak and can be packed in larger quantities.

Where can one purchase travel-sized shaving cream in retail stores?

Travel-sized shaving cream can be found in the travel section of most drugstores, supermarkets, and large retailers like Walmart or Target.

How can one find the best deals on travel-sized shaving cream in bulk?

We suggest checking online retailers, like Amazon, or warehouse clubs, such as Costco, for bulk purchases to save on the cost per unit.

What are some recommended brands for sensitive skin in travel-sized shaving creams?

Brands like Aveeno, Nivea, and The Art of Shaving offer travel-sized creams formulated for sensitive skin.

How many shaves can one get from a single travel-sized shaving cream container?

A travel-sized shaving cream container typically offers about 30 to 50 shaves, which can vary based on the amount used per shave.