Top Three Sights to See in Jasper Alberta

Jasper Alberta has long held the hearts of Canadians and world travelers alike. With a delightful delicacy, an uncanny number of hikes, and some remarkable natural wonders a fast car’s drive away. Adding Jasper to your Canadian travel must-see destinations should be no question. Located just under 4 hours away from Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton, Jasper has been a vacation spot for Canadians for years. Set in a picture-perfect setting of deep, green forests and rugged, towering mountains.

The town of Jasper has an unmatched ability to refresh and revitalize its visitors. To illustrate, just picture wintery lodges, candy shops, and glassy lakes and rivers, and it’s not hard to see why. With all of this surrounding beauty and nature, it can be hard to nail down an itinerary for this mountainside town. This is why we’ve compiled this list of the best sights to see in Jasper, Canada.

Jasper Alberta Highlights

Athabasca Falls

The deep raging falls of Athabasca located in Jasper National Park

A popular stopping point for tourists is the dramatic, water-carved cliffs of Athabasca Falls. With a powerful surge of water coursing through multiple level falls, you will feel the sheer power of mother nature as you stand from one of the many observation points along the wooden walkways. As you follow the waterfall, you will discover beautiful evergreen forest paths. Perhaps, most intriguing is a staircase carved into a large rock shelf leading down to an expansive cerulean lake lined with many rock statues built by passing visitors. These piled stones are called Inuksuk (also spelled Inukshuk). The rock formations were originally constructed by the Inuit to communicate with humans throughout the Arctic.

Jasper Skytram

The Whistlers Mountain Skytram at a popular tourist destination in Jasper Alberta Canada

If you want to see the town of Jasper Alberta from an entirely different perspective, you are in luck. Take a drive quick 12-minute drive to the Jasper Skytram. Erected in 1964, the Jasper Gondola will take you up nearly 7500 feet. Then drop you off at a mountainside restaurant in the sky. With panoramic views of the valley, you can see Jasper from near the peak of a mountain. This enables viewing the L-shaped town from an eagle’s point of view. Once you’ve grabbed a bite to eat, or you’re looking for even more photo opportunities, follow the rocky trail up the side of the desolate mountain peak landscape to the top of the peak. You will find unparalleled, majestic views of the valley as well as surrounding mountains.

Pyramid Lake Hike

Revered as being one of Jasper’s best hikes, Pyramid Lake Hike is a beautiful, low-difficulty hike. This trek will take you through an evergreen forest, past glass-like water, and to the much-loved Pyramid Lake. Once you get to Pyramid Lake, there is a lodge waiting for you. A selection of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, and bicycle riding await. Once you have the chance to try a move or two and have taken in the gorgeous surrounding scenery, then head back through trail two, where you’ll find more beautiful forest and landscape. Altogether the hike is around 2 hours and can be done by anybody that is reasonably fit.

Jasper Alberta Recap

When building a Jasper itinerary, be sure to add these three destinations and elevate your vacation from great to magnificent. And while in Jasper town, may we recommend trying the favorite Jasper delicacy: Fudge. After satisfying your sweet tooth, you will indeed be looking back on your time in Jasper National Park as some of the best spent time in Canada.