Top 3 Must Visit Beaches in Sri Lanka In 2023

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean is a highly desirable tourist destination. Especially because of its many amazing travel destinations. Considering the fact that Sri Lanka is an island country, one thing that’s commonly seen here is the beaches. And this is something that attracts many tourists into the country. Since there are many beaches in Sri Lanka, travelers sometimes have a difficult time finding the best ones to enjoy. Listed below are three (3) of the must visit beaches in Sri Lanka which one must not miss when they visit this tiny Island country.

Secret Beach

Secret Beach in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

The Secret Beach located in a town called Mirissa is a very popular beach. But you must be wondering; “If it’s popular then why is it called secret beach?” The answer to the question is that this location used to be a secret. This beach is in a hidden location. Previously, it was known only by locals that lived around the area. In recent years, this site has grown in popularity, especially among tourists. So now it is not a secret anymore.

The secret beach consists of two different coconut tree-lined beaches that connect at a rocky headland. The first beach you see when you enter is the perfect spot if you want to go for a swim. At certain times the waves on this beach tend to be a bit rough but it is overall safe to swim. Just like any other beach in Sri Lanka, the secret beach is filled with wildlife. Turtles are very common here so there’s a high chance that you might spot one, some people even claim that they have seen baby sharks here, which is why this makes it a great spot for snorkeling. But always keep an eye out for sea urchins.

The next beach you spot in this same place is a shallow lagoon that has a rocky outcrop. Hence, the lagoon is protected by any harsh waves. This spot has shallow water which is only waist-high, so swimming here is not the best option. Even so, if you want a restful place to just float around this might be the spot for you. Perhaps, the best part is this place has a beach bar where you can purchase various types of snacks, drinks, and even coconut water. Buy anything you prefer, bring it over to the beach, and have it while you watch the sunset and it’ll be a memory for a lifetime.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay Point Surf Break

Arugam Bay is another dramatically beautiful beach in Sri Lanka. With deep blue water that becomes greener the closer it is towards the shore and bright white sand. With this spectacular beauty comes some of the best surf breaks in the entire country. This desirable trait is why this beach is known as an international surfing destination.

This particular reputation that it carries attracts a lot of tourists but it also indicates that it’s easy to access and has good tourist infrastructure. Because the beach is shaped like a curve it makes it look a lot like a Hawaiian beach. There’s a dry, sandy section along with a rough area, shrubs, tree line, and the area near the water slopes down.

But the best part is just near the Arugam Bay beach there’s a luxury resort called ‘The Spice Trail.’ It’s a resort that’s perfect for relaxing as it has individual villa accommodations. Each of it has a small private garden that’s perfect for relaxing on a lounge chair. Arugam Bay is surrounded by many other tourists attracted destinations. Such as the Kumana National Park and various ancient temples. Overall, Arugam Bay is a great place for anyone that loves to surf and it’s also a great place for a vacation or a getaway.

Bentota Beach

Bentota is one of the Must Visit Beaches in Sri Lanka

Being only an hour’s drive from Colombo, Bentota is a popular resort town. It consists of many package tourists but continues to maintain its natural beauty and is definitely worth a visit. On this wide beach, the sand is shimmering white and goes perfectly with its bright aqua-blue sea. This view is magnified because of its light-colored sandy bottom.

The specialty of this particular beach is that it’s surrounded by tall palm trees and a thick jungle. The greenery around this beach is very relaxing and provides shade from the sun’s heat. Tired after surfing or swimming? Head over to the jungle and sit under a tree while you relax and watch the waves crash into the shore while the sun sets, it truly is an amazing experience.

This beach also has many nearby tourist-attracted destinations, this includes remnants of the countries colonial past and temples. This is quite similar to a fort protecting the old harbor of Galle. If you want to spend the night with a view of this beach, you won’t have any trouble searching for accommodation as you can spend the night at the luxury hotel right near the beach called ‘Vivanta by Taj.’

Must Visit Beaches in Sri Lanka Recap

This country formerly known as Ceylon might be better known for tea estates and arrack. The geography of Sri Lanka includes coastal plains and interior mountains. However, the must visit beaches in Sri Lanka provide a unique opportunity for combining beach and culture on your trip. While lesser known than many beach destinations around the world, Sri Lanka offers near-perfect weather for sunbathing, surfing, and swimming. The aforementioned vacation destination offers so many things to see and do. Special thanks to our friend, and Skycap News™ correspondent, Sarah Caldera for lending her local knowledge to our travel blog.