Valuable Tips for Vegans When Traveling the Country

Vegans are dedicated individuals who do not eat any animal by-products. They live this lifestyle and honor this diet 365 days per year, so why should they stop while on vacation or traveling? For the vegan who is frustrated at the misunderstandings about their lifestyle and food choices, here are some helpful ideas. Why dedicate a whole post to vegans? For one thing, there is some misunderstanding about Vegans. Veganism is not the same as vegetarianism.

Tips for Vegans When Traveling

Tips for Vegans When Traveling the Country


In addition to eating fruits and vegetables, vegans also do not eat or use any type of animal product or by-products. This list can be quite extensive and includes eggs, honey, leather, fur, wool, and cosmetics. The list even includes soaps that are derived from any sort of animal product. A challenge, to say the least, even when at home. But when vegans travel, it can become even more of a challenge. So we’ve come up with a few tips you can use that might help stay on your vegan diet when traveling.

Shop Ahead


There are many supermarkets and health food stores that specialize in vegan cooking. If you take plenty of time to shop before you go on your trip, you may find plenty of foods you can pack with you on a trip for snacks and meals.

Find Accommodations with Kitchenettes


If you use the method of cooking as you go, you will want to find hotels and accommodations that allow you to cook while in the facility. Look for lodging that has a full kitchen area that allows you to cook your favorite vegan meals while there. This is the simplest (but perhaps more inconvenient) way to stick to your vegan diet while traveling.

Locate Vegan Restaurants on your Trip


This takes a bit of planning, but another way you can eat vegan on your journey is to do some research ahead of time and locate  Vegan Restaurants in the U.S. that you will have access to while on your trip. Indian restaurants, restaurants that focus on vegetarian meals, and other alternatives are a good bet. It’s best to go to their website and check out their menu, to make sure you will be able to find these specialty restaurants at our destination, as well as on the way.

Pack Snacks

Travel Tips for Vegans


Even if you plan to adventure out to the known vegan restaurants in the area where you’ll be traveling. It’s also good to pre-screen and your own snack packs. This way, you’ll always have something to snack on that is free of animal products when you’re on the road. Do a search on the internet for certain stores that carry vegan-type items that you can choose from. Some national brand names (that are “accidentally” vegan) just might surprise you!

Traveling While Vegetarian Verdict

Vegans feel highly dedicated to their way of life and eating. Moreover, they don’t take a “vacation” from their lifestyle just because they go on vacation. We hope these tips will help serve as some reminders on how you can cope as a vegan on vacation and still stick to your normal eating plan while traveling.