Top 5 Papua New Guinea Tourist Attractions In 2023

The rugged and unique terrain of Papua New Guinea makes an exciting destination spot for tourists and adventure travelers alike. This culturally rich land is full of adventures to explore and the untouched natural beauty of this tropical paradise makes Papua New Guinea a must-see. Before booking your trip to Papua New Guinea, read on to discover what this adventurous travel destination has in store!

Papua new guinea tourist attractions

Enjoy Tribal Culture

With 700 languages spoken in 7000 diverse tribes, Papua New Guinea has its cultural charm and indigenous beauty. They have their landmarks and territory boundaries. With this in mind, please be mindful of this while visiting New Guinea. These tribes take us back in time by preserving their specific traditions and music, which marks the peculiarity of their group. Get a glimpse of local rituals the festivities like weddings, feasts, and more. Do not miss out on buying artifacts from Port Moresby’s weekend markets. Mumu, one of the oldest slow-cooked meals, is the culinary specialty of the town.

Sing Sings, is a cultural gathering where tribes gather and participate in dance performances in the signature tribal attire. Music marvels indicate the harmony and peace between tribes. Some of the tribal events such as the Karimui Show, Morobe Show, and August Paiya Mini Cultural Show are on the calendar this year. Please do not leave Papua New Guinea without experiencing this festive occasion for yourself!

Hike Enchanting surroundings

Kokoda is the most challenging trail in Papua New Guinea. This particular trail brings out the energetic spirit in you, allowing you to interact with nature in a very unique way. It is not a 5 or 6 hours leisurely hike. Conversely, this is hardcore hiking at its finest. Keep in mind the trek usually takes 7-10 days to complete the 96-km long trail of Kokoda. Cook your meals in the woods and camp by the riverbank and be like Indiana Jones to solve the land puzzles along the way. 

The hiking trail is packed with river crossings, rainforest, wildlife, and steep paths that add to excitement and adventure. From a historical perspective, there are some remaining signs of World War II on its footmarks. Trekking here requires a permit from Kokoda Track Authority. 

Play With Waves

The oceans surrounding Papua New Guinea are packed with beautiful and diverse marine life. The marine species are twice that of the Red Sea and five times that of the Caribbean. Snorkeling with these species might prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Scale the reefs and corals and discover seagrass beds growing in the wrecks of ships, aircraft, and submarines.

History buffs will want to see the Japanese Zero fighter plane in Kimbe Bey infused by pelagics. Underwater, soft corals are picturesque and provide Instagram-worthy scenic spots. The splashing waves against the strong winds from May to November call for an unmatched surfing experience. Stop by un-crowded spots of Vanimo, Wewak, Madang, and Kavieng for challenging and thrilling swells. 

Go Bird Watching

Explore the diverse range of bird species in the birdwatcher’s paradise-Papua New Guinea. With 708 bird species identified, there are 38 birds of Paradise (out of 43 known) in the country. Catch up with Raggiana, a fire-maned bowerbird, tiny whistlers, and the world’s only poisonous bird species in this ecosystem. The western province hosts nearly 50% of the total bird population. Stop by Lake Murray to have a scenic and enchanting bird-watching experience. Do not miss out on the bird-watching bonanza at Ambua Lodge in Hela Province.  

Feast On Local Treats

Baia Sportfishing Lodge is the ultimate Black Bass fishing spot in Papua New Guinea. A hot spot for tourists and anglers alike, the lodge hosts Black Bass, Spot tail Bass, and Blue Water fishing in untouched surroundings. The markets of Papua New Guinea are loaded with tropical fruits and other agricultural supplies from the country. Boroko Market by Port Morseby is the largest display of fruits and vegetables.

Stop by Koki Market-Ela Beach to explore various seafood delicacies. These include mud crab, lobster, tuna, and more. Are you looking for a one-stop shop? Stop by Kokopo Market, home to fresh garden supplies, nuts, dry fruits, and local food items. In addition, local souvenirs as handicrafts can be purchased. Try Chicken Pot-Chicken simmered with coconut cream and Kakau-Baked sweet potato to get a treat from local flavors. Are you hungry yet?

Conclusion: Reasons to Visit Papua New Guinea

It is highly encouraged that you use a local Papuan when exploring. They speak the regional language and will assist in keeping you out of harm’s way. As with any trip, always utilize your common sense. Travel safe and enjoy your Papua New Guinea tourist attraction! Read more about tourism on skycapnews.