Hidden Treasures of Sri Lanka to Visit in 2023

Every country has its own hidden gems; these treasures cannot be found in guidebooks as they are known only among locals living in the area. Further, getting to these places is difficult, as they don’t have the usual public transportation routes. Nevertheless, Sri Lanka also has its own hidden treasures that deserve more exposure to tourism. Stated below are some of these that are definitely worth visiting.

Delft Island – Jaffna

This place is situated off the coast of Jaffna and is reachable only with one or two daily boats. With its historical remnants of a history that is long gone by and wild ponies, Delft Island sits quietly in the Indian Ocean. The original name of this island is Neduntheevu, and it’s not a place that many tourists visit. Further, this place is not readily accessible, and in order to get here, you must definitely put your mind to it. The first step to getting to this destination is traveling north towards Jaffna, and then you must take an early morning rickshaw or a bus to the port to catch the navy boat that leaves around 9:30 am. Once you get there, you will realize that the difficult process of getting there was definitely worth it.

Helga’s Folly – Kandy

Helga’s folly is a hotel and restaurant that you can book online. The specialty of this place is that it’s the masterpiece and brainchild of the eccentric artist Helga Blow, a marvelous Lady in Sri Lanka who saw the world through her own eyes. A song was also written about her by the Stereophonics called “Madame Helga.” Further, this place is said to be one of the most outlandish and quirkiest places in Sri Lanka. You can only find this destination if you’re looking for it as stumbling upon it is not exactly realistic. This is a must-visit place if you want to store a mysterious yet mesmerizing memory.

Sri Lanka Air Force Museum – Colombo

Located inland from Mount Lavinia and Southeast of Colombo, The Sri Lanka Air Force Museum is next to the Ratmalana airport. In this particular museum, you can witness helicopters and a unique collection of antique airplanes set up in an area that looks a lot like a park with walking paths and a white and black checkered patio. You can also find hangars with the most astonishing airplanes and some you can visit. Overall, this place is the ideal destination for airplane buffs and anyone looking for a cool getaway.

Richmond Castle – Kalutara

Erected at the beginning of the 1900s, the Richmond castle was first created by the son of Mudaliyar Don Arthur De Silva. Constructed in an Edwardian style this castle sits on a hill in Kalutara on a 32-acre estate. Since this castle is quite old, most of its walls, designs, and architecture have been discolored and deteriorated. But the original beauty of this castle still remains. This place is an excellent destination for anyone that loves exploring olden places as this is definitely a historical tourist destination with plenty of areas to explore.

Brief Garden – Beruwala

The Brief Garden is an architecturally designed garden with a tiny home in it. This place was designed by Bewis Bawa, the brother of the famous architect in Sri Lanka, Geoffrey Bawa. As many people claim, this garden is beyond beautiful, filled with greenery, ponds, fountains, and plenty of bushes and trees it is indeed the ideal place to write poetry while you sit on the patio with a cup of coffee in your hand. The architecturally designed home in this place is also nothing but attractive, filled with beautiful colors and furnishings it gives a vibe that makes you feel like you just traveled back in time. Overall, this is an excellent place for nature lovers and anyone who loves a home with unique scenery.