5 Reasons to Visit Kimberley in 2023

Located by the northernmost border of Western Australia, Kimberley is the earliest settled region in the Australian continent. With the Indian Ocean to the West, the Timor Sea to the North, and the Great Sandy & Tanami desert to the South. Kimberley is quite diverse in its geographic location. 

The History

Mighty rocks encompassed by beautiful gorges and spectacular waterfalls all contribute to a perfect sketch of nature’s beauty. However, the landscape is not the only incredible thing about Kimberly. First explored in the 19th Century, the town of Kimberley is one of the oldest regions in Australia. Today, nearly 50,000 people of aboriginal origin inhabit Kimberely. To this end, these aboriginal people are said to have first inhabited Kimberley over 40,000 years ago.

The culture of that time is depicted by their hand drawings found all over the region. Stop by Wandjina and Bradshaw’s rock paintings to find the most spectacular rock hand drawings. Because of this unique style of art and long culture, Kimberley is home to producing some of the best artists of Australia who painted Kimberley in local hues and styles. For instance, Rover Thomas, Jaminji Paddy Bedford, and Queenie McKenzie are known for their art originating from Kimberley Art Movement.

Stop by Bungle Bungles


Sandstone domes painted in the shades of orange and black rise to 300 meters above the grass bottom. These landmarks are known as Bungle Bungles, located in Purnululu National Park. Purnululu means “Sand domes” in the local language. These structures are the result of 20 million years of weathering. 

Bungle Bungles remained under the protection of the aboriginal community and were unknown to the world until their discovery in 1983. These domes resemble the beehives that are snaked by gorges and narrow pathways. Try out the acoustics in the Cathedral Gorge and walk through a narrow creak of Echidna Chasm. The walk is about two kilometers long, with a moderately challenging climb at the end. Accordingly, it’s best to wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated.

Scenic Lake Argyle

The biggest man-made lake by the southern border is attributed to the water of Ord River Dam. The construction of the lake has given rise to a new ecosystem above and below the water. Take a wildlife cruise to meet with freshwater crocodiles, wallabies, fish, and a wide array of bird species. Additionally, do not miss out on (an estimated 300+) bird species along with native nail tail wallaby and short-eared rock wallaby.

Lake-argyle 5 Reasons to Visit Kimberley

With several adventure activities available on 70 islands of Lake Argyle, this destination is sure to please. Go fishing or water-skiing on the beautiful lake. Hike up to the bushwalking trails. Take a biking track to enjoy a birds-eye view of the spectacular surroundings. Spend a night in the camps or the cable-powered caravans. Host a BBQ party at the picnic spot located at the base of the dam. All in all, the possibilities are boundless. Sorry, we had to throw in at least one Kangaroo pun!

Kimberley Coast

The untouched beauty of Kimberley can’t be summed up without mentioning the Kimberley Coast. To illustrate, this destination is iconic, coated in white sand, and banked by turquoise waters with the glistening backdrop of rocks.

The site has so much to offer from snubfin dolphins to whale nurseries. Moreover, don’t forget the world’s only horizontal waterfalls in Talbot Bay. Take a cruise and be amazed by the endless enchantments of Buccaneer and Bonaparte Archipelagos. Subsequently, wonders like Cable beach, Eighty Mile Beach, Dampier’s Peninsula red rock coast, King George Falls, and Eagle Falls are waiting as well. Do not miss out on the Boab Prison tree in Derby that is nearly 1500 years old. 


Waterfalls are sprinkled all over the Kimberley. All of them are so spectacular & enchanting that it is unfair to talk about only one. Mitchell Falls, King George Falls, Emma Gorge, and the region famous Horizontal waterfalls are some of the hot picks of the Kimberley. 

kimberley-mitchell-falls 5 Reasons to Visit Kimberley

Mitchell Falls, bordered by the Mitchell Plateau on three sides, is a combo of the rock pool, camping site, fishing, and bush walks. The trek to it is an adventure in itself. Horizontal Falls (aka Harries) is one of the natural wonders where a crack between McLarty ranges. This particular crack causes water to build up more on one side than the other. Consequently, this causes an up to 5m high waterfall to flow horizontally from the range. If you’re into waterfall hunting, Kimberely awaits!


KING-GEORGE-FALLS5 Reasons to Visit Kimberley

In conclusion, it’s time to pack your bags and get ready to land in Kimberley. In short, it is a jackpot of activities that will make your trip one to remember. With astonishing rock art in the backdrop and diverse animal species sprinkled in the town, you will love this off-the-beaten-path travel destination. Please be sure and bookmark Skycap News™ for the latest travel tips for your next holiday trip!